“Love is in the meadow” on M 6: “No one goes to the university of shovel rolling!” »

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2023-11-21 00:26:38

After thirteen weeks of amorous wanderings in the fields, here is the last chapter of this 18th season of “L’Amour est dans le pré” on M 6. This Monday, November 20, the second part of the review, understand the moment when the farmers make with Karine Le Marchand taking stock of their adventures, gave much space to the most emblematic, most commented upon and most unstable couple of this 2023 vintage, Patrice and Justine.

First news: while the viewers had left the lovers in full clash, Patrice threatening to leave Justine because of her character, here they are both again facing the host. This year’s “The Couple” isn’t done with the twists and turns yet. At the start of the conversation, the beauty recalls that she fell for “Patrice’s smile and lack of tenderness” without his handicap (he is hemiplegic) bothering her. However, the debrief quickly gets to the heart of the matter, namely the military directives of the contender.

“We shouldn’t take revenge on our Patrice, we want to”

“We imagined you to be gentle, shy, but when we saw the images, we said to ourselves, She’s really gotten back on track, you’re in control of everything, all the time, have you always been like that? » “It is since then that I suffered domestic violence during my marriage. I rebelled and that’s when I created this shell,” she replies.

Karine Le Marchand takes it back. “We must not take revenge on our Patrice, we want to,” she warns before showing images from previous episodes where the young woman attacks everyone who crosses her path. “It’s my nature, but I don’t realize that I’m like that, especially since I’m very into communicating and sharing,” says Justine… Cut off immediately by the presenter. “In sharing… No! It’s how you decided to do it and no one can do it any other way. You ask other people’s opinions, but you only do as you please, especially in the supermarket with your shopping list. » Véronique, the second contender still present, had also received orders.

“At first, it didn’t bother me,” adds the cow breeder, who says he speaks better despite his disability since the program. The two girls on the farm were a bit complicated. My crush on Justine appeared after the first two days. I was happy afterwards to take a walk at the sea.”

Lack of potty, it was during this walk that Justine refused to kiss him on the mouth… With her tongue! “Why without the tongue? You don’t know how to do it? But no one goes to university for shovel rolling! continues Karine Le Marchand. We practice on our own ear like everyone else when we’re 13 and then one day we do it for real. Am I the only one who did it? It made me sad, he has never kissed a girl, he comes with his tongue and you reject him! It’s a bit like You disgust me. Patrice, you also lacked authority. » If, since then, the couple has tried the exercise, this does not necessarily predict a peaceful future, even if each is sitting on the same sofa.

“If you continue like this Justine, I will end the relationship”

After rebroadcasting the sequence of Justine’s improbable move, where she had been unbearable, the host implores the contender “to set her alarm” to keep up with the farmer and to look for work, assuring her that in “Normandy, there is work” and “at 35, you can work full time”. Suddenly, Patrice takes the reins of the conversation. “If you continue like this Justine, I will end the relationship,” he curses, getting out of his depth. I can’t continue like this. You’re going to tire me out. In agriculture, you need organization, I cannot continue as we are today. It’s impossible, I prefer to be honest with you. I’m on the verge of breaking up. »

Karine Le Marchand concludes: “If you get up at 10:30 every morning, do nothing all day, and wait for him to make food, there is not a farmer, nor an average person who will accept the situation. He is disabled, he is alone on the farm, he cannot have a ball and chain at home. Who, on top of that, is super authoritarian. Not only do you not do it, but you also yell. That makes a lot. »

The sequence ends in tears… And in uncertainty. Finally, a final video shows the duo happier. “I took back the reins of the house,” swears Patrice. Hopefully it lasts.

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