“Love is in the meadow” on M6: “You have the beautiful ones, the good ones and the others… just like in life! »

“Love is in the meadow” on M6: “You have the beautiful ones, the good ones and the others… just like in life!  »

Here we go again for the giggles between Karine Le Marchand and the farmers in search of a soul mate. From the first portraits of this new season of “Love is in the meadow”, this Monday evening on M 6, the tone is set. And delight fans of the show. As the previous year, more visits to farms for the facilitator. It is she who receives in a country house rented for the filming in the suburbs of Paris. With a little novelty that will delight animal enthusiasts: it passes interviews with an adorable dwarf lop rabbit in her arms.

This first series is marked by a few strong characters that could reveal themselves over the months. We are already falling for… Julien, a 42-year-old dairy cow farmer in Franche-Comté. The most addicted to the program will recognize it! He has already participated in “Love is in the meadow” in 2013… As a suitor! He had then written to Guillaume, the first gay farmer in the history of the format. But his hopes were quickly dashed because the candidate had put an end to the experiment in the middle of the year.

“It takes three minutes to find a hookup, and three years to find a good guy”

An agricultural engineer by training, Julien only embraced the life of a farmer in 2017, stung by the sector, in particular thanks to his ex-spouse. Now separated, he has taken over the farm from his former in-laws and is looking for love with a capital A. At the head of a herd of 87 animals including 50 dairy cows, it is by telling his daily life to Karine Le Marchand that the first laughs spring.

To his question “Do you have any favorites?” » He replies « You have the beautiful ones, the good ones and the others… » A spade that Karine Le Marchand seizes on the leap: « Ah yes, it’s like in life », provoking a common burst of laughter. Before the host adds: “And be careful, it’s not the one you think are married! “And to clarify:” If you take this program in progress, we are talking about Montbéliard cows”.

Single since his separation, Julien suffers a lot from his loneliness and talks about it with emotion. In tears, he just wants “to be important to someone,” he confides to the camera. It takes three minutes to find a date, and three years to find a good guy. And me, sex plans, that doesn’t interest me anymore”. Disappointed with dating sites and one-night stands, he promises to make room in his two huge dressing rooms for his future lover. And that’s all the harm we wish him.

“I haven’t had anyone since a serious road accident in 2014”

Another striking personality of the evening: the big teddy bear Romeo! This enthusiast of old vintage cars, producer of fodder in Auvergne, does not have his tongue in his pocket. “When you live alone and suddenly you have people, you’re happy to talk,” he jokes.

Two friends signed her up for the show. The only son of an 8-generation farming family, he wants to meet someone who will restore his self-confidence. “I don’t like being alone and I’m always alone. I haven’t had anyone since a serious road accident in 2014. Since then I’ve been fallowing.” “It’s good, now we can replant,” smiles Karine Le Marchand.

Anyone who doesn’t really have any criteria for finding the woman of his life has fun dreaming of a half “who loves cooking, gastronomy”. And don’t worry if she already has a child. “As my grandfather used to say, he says, you take the cow and the calf. »


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