Low gold prices rise again: What is the situation today? | Gold price rise

Chennai: For the past few days The price of gold The decline has risen today.

Russia has been attacking Ukraine for the past few days. This environment has posed economic threats around the world. crude oil, The price of gold Are rising sharply. Stock markets are declining.

Investors around the world are increasingly leaving the stock market and converting their investments in gold. As a result, the price of gold rose in India. However for the last 2 days The price of gold The low level has risen again today.

In Chennai, the price of jewelery gold rose by Rs 35 per gram to Rs 4828. The pound rose by Rs 280 to Rs 38,624. Similarly, 24 carat pure gold is priced at Rs 41816 per 8 grams.

Silver price

Silver rose 80 paise to Rs 73.40. The price of a kilo of silver today is Rs.73,400.


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