Löwen Frankfurt in DEL2: Ready for promotion

VBo Subr from the Mainmetrole has not yet seen much. The ice hockey coach who came to the Lions in the summer has not yet had the time. Once he was “downtown” to eat, he says. The native Czech lived in Canada for several years and prefers to speak English with journalists. Subr lives with his family in Bad Homburg, where he has already seen a lot. But the place where he spends most of the time is the ice rink: “And that’s a pretty good place.”

Pretty good, that also describes the general impression that Subr and sports director Franz-David Fritzmeier give a few days before the first game on Friday in Freiburg. All of the players in the squad are fit, something that wasn’t taken for granted at the start of the season in recent years. Personal questions have also been clarified: Max Faber will lead the team as captain, the American Jake Hildebrand is in the gate. “He won’t do 90 percent of the games though,” said Subr. Bastian Kucis will also get his time. “You shouldn’t overuse a goalkeeper when you have two good ones.”

A good choice

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Overall, the team is well positioned, there are many options for the upcoming games. The line-up for the season opener will be similar to the test match against the Tölzer Löwen last Sunday, which the Frankfurt team won 3-2 in a penalty shootout. In the previous home test match against the Oberliga club Saale Bulls Halle (5-0), the team had shown themselves to be more confident. “The players were eager to play again,” said Subr.

“A player like Wenzel is good for us”

Now the team wants to work on becoming more consistent, strengthening the defense, “bringing the puck more directly into the net,” as Subr put it. The coach said of the youngest Leo signing Yannick Wenzel: “He works hard and brings a lot of energy to the team.” Energy, a keyword for sporting director Fritzmeier: “This is important for our team. A player like Wenzel is good for us. “



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