Lucca, the «Planet City» exhibition at the Ragghianti Foundation is underway

It is called “Planet City” and is intended to be a return journey to the sources of our civilization and the way that man has developed for his own life in common, as well as a signal and restart after the hard months of the health emergency. This is the title of the exhibition that from Friday 9 July until 24 October will be hosted within the spaces of the Ragghianti Foundation in Lucca: an exhibition inherent to the theme of the city and the transmission of knowledge, mainly analyzed through the countless pieces of the collection by the architect Italo Rota, one of the most famous designers of our time.

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«Planet City», the exhibition from 9 July to 24 October at the Ragghianti Foundation in Lucca

A real mine to draw from to create paths of meaning that start at the roots of contemporaneity, that is, in the early years of the twentieth century. The result is a multidisciplinary exhibition, resulting from the encounter and dialogue between different skills, which combines various knowledge and allows fascinating explorations and discoveries. A sort of archive of the visual imagery linked to the urban dimension, unified by the aesthetic perspective. The concept of the exhibition was conceived by the director of the Ragghianti Foundation Paolo Bolpagni together with Aldo Colonetti, philosopher and scholar of architecture and design and with Italo Rota himself, in collaboration with a scientific committee in which the different disciplines involved are represented. That is both the history of art, cinema, economic geography, architecture, urban planning. On display over five hundred pieces divided into ten sections, in a multitude of objects of various types, techniques and sizes ranging from books to works of art, from posters to cinema, from record covers to design products, from magazines to comics. . All this following an itinerary that goes from the birth of the contemporary city at the beginning of the twentieth century to the new idea of ​​the city that is emerging, and always relating everyday culture with the most advanced research. For more information on the exhibition

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