Lucy Job picks up another job after moving to Arc 12

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Lucy Job (PR Photo)

Credit company Max announced today (Sunday) that it has chosen TV presenter Lucy Job to be the company’s presenter alongside comedian Shachar Hasson and will replace Keren Moore and Yuval Segal.

The company notes that Lucy Job is joining Max, at the start of a year in which the company is expected to launch a number of additional products and financial services in order to enable people and businesses to maximize and do more with their money. As you may recall, Max parted ways a few months ago with the two legendary presenters who accompanied the brand for almost two decades – the Moore Foundation and Yuval Segal, amid the change of brand name from Leumi Card to Max.

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Lucy Job (29), a TV presenter, actress and content creator, served until recently as a presenter and content writer at the public broadcasting corporation “Here”. Job, hosted the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel and is expected to host the prime-time program “Dancing with the Stars” which will soon air on Keshet. In addition, Job joined as a lead actress in the series “Fauda” which is expected to air soon in the fourth season.

Max’s Marketing Communications Manager, Galit Harel, said: “We chose Lucy to tell Max’s story in her unique voice, along with Shahar in his humorous way, to reveal the range of products, services and new capabilities in finance, beyond our credit cards. Lucy will participate in our upcoming campaign “, Along with updating the advertising language so that it conveys the added value that the customer has in each interaction he uses Max.”

Lucy Job said: “I’m excited to join Dawn, as Max’s presenter and I’m sure we’ll have an interesting and fun time.”

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