Lufthansa switches to gender-neutral communication with passengers

Airlines of the Lufthansa Group will no longer greet passengers on board their aircraft with the words “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!” As noted in the statement of the group, it strives to be more inclusive, therefore passengers on the aircraft of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Air, Eurowings will be treated like this: “Dear guests!”, “Good evening / afternoon / morning!” or just “Welcome!” The final choice will be up to the aircraft crew.

The changes take effect today, July 13th. In addition, an additional option will appear on the page for booking and buying tickets for Lufthansa Group airlines: it will be possible to specify not only the male or female gender of the passenger. And airline referrals will avoid using gender-specific words. The company emphasizes that it strives to “value all the guests on board” and with these changes is responding to “the discussion unfolding in society”.

Lufthansa, meanwhile, is not the first airline to move away from the word “ladies and gentlemen” in favor of a more inclusive vocabulary. So, back in October 2019, Air Canada began to greet passengers with the words “Good afternoon / morning / evening!” In October 2020, Japan Airlines supported the trend with the introduction of the “Good afternoon / morning / evening!” Greeting.

Alena Miklashevskaya



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