Luis Rubiales did not commission David Aganzo to spy

Luis Rubiales did not commission David Aganzo to spy

The president of the Real Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, did not commission David Aganzo to spy, president of the AFE, as confirmed by the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid through a rectification agreement in which it clarified that the names of Luis Rubiales and his uncle Juan Rubiales were confused, which he is the one who carried out the mentioned assignment.

“We are faced with a clear material error in the referred agreement. As the lawyer clarifies and states in his letter submitted on January 19, 2023, the person who made the order was a client who was presented to him by Mr. Joan Rubiales, this is not an assignment made by Mr. Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF,” the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid assures in a statement. In the same it is specified that “in the drafting of the agreement, the mistake was made of understanding that the lawyer was referring to Mr. Luis Rubiales, President of the RFEF and it was chosen to appoint the position to to avoid personal allusion. For this reason, the allusion to the President of the RFEF in the aforementioned agreement constitutes a material error, which is why it must be deleted.”

Precisely, this Wednesday the RFEF denied an information from the Confidential in which it was said that Ramón Caravaca, lawyer of the RFEF, had confessed that Luis Rubiales commissioned Aganzo to spy. “The lawyer of the RFEF, Mr. Ramón Caravaca, declared, before the Ethics Commission of the Madrid Bar Association that he had started an investigation following an order from a client who had presented him with the Mr. Juan Rubiales. In this statement, it was explained that Mr. Juan Rubiales, in those days Head of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the RFEF, was the one who presented to the client who wanted to report irregularities in AFE. The Instructor of the procedure has confused Mr. Juan Rubiales with Mr. Luis Rubiales,” the RFEF assured in its statement.


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