Luiz Adriano, former Milan in trouble: positive at Covid, goes out and has an accident

Luiz Adriano was fined by Palmeiras for violating the isolation provided for by the protocol. However, the accident did not lead to serious consequences

These have been quite intense days for Luiz Adriano, former Milan striker and today at Palmeiras. The carioca player tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time and not happy he was also involved in an accident, fortunately without particular consequences for anyone.

Luiz Adriano: positive at Covid, goes out and hits a cyclist

Luiz Adriano, as per health protocol, should have remained in quarantine at home until 1 April but has decided to violate the rules to go out to do the shopping. He got into his car and hit a cyclist on the way to the supermarket. The former Rossoneri got out of the vehicle to help the person involved in the accident and it was at that moment that he was stopped. Luiz Adriano has therefore received a fine from Palmeiras for violating the quarantine and due to the infection he will miss the Recopa Sudamericana against Defensa y Justicia and the Brazilian Super Cup against Flamengo.

Luiz Adriano apologizes: “I shouldn’t have gone out, I was wrong”

“Palmeiras family, unfortunately in an important match like tomorrow’s I will not be able to be present. I will be out but I cheer a lot for my teammates on the pitch. – commented Luiz Adriano on his Instagram profile – Unfortunately, once again I tested positive. at Covid-19. On April 1 we ran the control tests of the company, like every week, and mine tested positive. I had already contracted this virus, I am totally asymptomatic, but the rules of the club are clear. I was in charge of stay in a quarantine house under the supervision of the DM, but yesterday I went to the mall supermarket to take my mother who cannot drive, without leaving the car and wearing a mask, but I ended up being involved in an accident in which a bicycle hit the car at the exit of the parking lot. I was always wearing the mask and away, but I could not help but provide assistance to the person who suffered the accident. Everybody is fine. Yes, I shouldn’t have left the house, I was wrong, I admit it! We live in difficult times, we must all be attentive and comply with safety protocols. We can always help in some way and, mainly, recognize and learn from our mistakes. “


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