Lukaku diet: the secret of the champion? The shikataki pasta

Lukaku has revealed the secret of his powerful physique: here are all the details on the diet to follow

Romelu Lukaku was Inter’s driver to the top of the Serie A standings with 19 goals and 7 assists in 26 games played. What is the secret of the Belgian’s incredible form? The diet. “Since I have been here at Inter we have had an analysis of my body and a lot has changed. I have never felt so strong. I have reached another level, physical and mental,” said the Nerazzurri center forward in a podcast.

Lukaku diet: what it consists of

Lukaku then explained what his particular diet consists of: “I eat a lot of salad, fish, which has a great effect on me. I like carnitine, it makes me feel good, and I take vitamins. My diet consists of salads for lunch. , a lot of chicken breast, shirataki noodles. Carbohydrates? I love sweet potatoes and black rice, while I don’t eat a lot of pasta. “

Lukaku diet: the benefits of shikataki pasta

Shikataki pasta is made from a tuber, the root of konjac, and is an excellent substitute for traditional durum wheat pasta. Its strong point is the high presence of glucomannan, an ideal nutrient for losing weight quickly. Shikataki pasta has a reduced calorie intake, is gluten-free but rich in fiber, increases the sense of satiety and is ideal for those suffering from diabetes as it contains few sugars. Not only that, this variety of pasta promotes its absorption and thus helps to keep the level of fats under control, a very useful aspect for those suffering from high cholesterol. In addition, shikataki paste contains many useful micronutrients such as calcium, zinc and iron.

Shikataki pasta also has contraindications. Due to its characteristics it is not ideal for those suffering from irritable colon or abdominal swelling. Nutritionists therefore emphasize consuming it in moderation and alternating it with other sources of carbohydrates such as rice and wholemeal pasta. In any case, shikataki pasta must be part of a balanced diet in order to lose weight quickly.


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