Lula accumulates wear for talking about Moro and recalculates plans after canceling trip to China

Lula accumulates wear for talking about Moro and recalculates plans after canceling trip to China

BRASÍLIA, DF (FOLHAPRESS) – The Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) government has accumulated wear and tear in recent days with accusations without evidence made by the president that the action of the Federal Police to protect Senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil-PR) would have been a “frame”

Planalto is still recalculating plans after canceling Lula’s trip to China.

There was expectation in the government that attention to the president’s statements would be replaced by the impact of agendas such as the bilateral meeting with the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, in addition to visits to factories and meetings with businessmen.

Reactions to Lula’s speeches began to dominate Planalto’s agenda as of Tuesday (21st), when the PT member stated, in an interview with the Brasil 247 website, that, when he was imprisoned in Curitiba, he told visitors that he would only be fine if he could “fuck that Moro”.

The following day, the PF launched Operation Sequaz to arrest members of the PCC criminal faction who planned to carry out attacks against authorities. One of the targets was precisely the senator and former judge of Lava Jato.

Government officials were divided over the operation.

In the evaluation of some Planalto allies, Lula’s speech strengthened Moro and replaced the senator in the position of antagonist of the president.

Part of the Lula administration even tried to point to the PF’s action as proof that the body has independence in the current government, including to protect one of the president’s main opponents.

The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino (PSB), said on Wednesday (22) that there was “bad character” on the part of politicians who tried to associate Lula’s speech the day before with police action.

“An investigation that is so serious that it was carried out in defense of the life and integrity of a senator opposed to our government. You cannot take yesterday’s declaration in isolation, literally yesterday, and link it to an investigation that is months old,” he declared. the minister at the time.

The attempt of the PF action to become a positive agenda of the government lost strength when President Lula himself decided to double the bet on the fight with Moro. “I want to be cautious, I’m going to find out what happened. It’s visible that it’s a frame by Moro”, said the president on Thursday (23).

Moro countered the president and demanded “decency” from Lula.

Judge Gabriela Hardt, responsible for signing the arrest warrants, removed the secrecy of the process shortly after the president’s speech, at the request of the PF, leading to the disclosure of more details of the police investigation.

The chief minister of Secom (Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic), Paulo Pimenta (PT), criticized the judge and suggested that there was no request from the PF to withdraw the secrecy.

“A judge withdrawing the secrecy of a sensitive and dangerous inquiry that is still ongoing, without agreeing with the PF who is in charge of the investigation, helps with what? All this to help a friend’s narrative? Do you think it’s normal? They don’t get angry ?”, he wrote on Friday (24), on Twitter.

Vice President Geraldo Alckmin also adopted a different tone from Lula and praised the PF’s action. In a video, he classified the PCC’s planning as “serious plans against Brazilian democracy”.

“Congratulations to the Public Ministry of São Paulo, the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police for this important work. And congratulations to public safety professionals, police officers and penitentiary agents from all over Brazil, who dedicate their lives to making our country safe “, Alckmin said.

This weekend, Moro associated PT and PCC when questioning the email address mentioned in the investigation and reignited a quarrel.

“I would like to understand why one of the PCC criminals, investigated in the kidnapping and murder plan, used lulalivre1063 as an email address?”, he wrote on a social network on Saturday (25).

“These assertions of links between the PT and the PCC are nothing more than scoundrels. There is no indication, proof, nothing; just scoundrels. I remind you that there is no parliamentary immunity to protect scoundrels”, countered Dino, without quoting the senator.

PT president Gleisi Hoffmann called Moro a fake. “Sergio Moro has lived by lying since the time he was a partial judge and arrested Lula on false charges, in collusion with Dallagnol, paving the way for his future, former and current boss: Jair Bolsonaro”, she published.

Lula canceled his trip to China because he had pneumonia. The confirmation took place this Saturday (25), after a new medical evaluation. Planalto has not yet released Lula’s new agenda for the week.

According to the Presidency, the postponement has already been communicated to the Chinese authorities with the reiteration of the desire to schedule the visit on a new date.

Lula was expected to present himself as a facilitator of a dialogue for peace in the Ukrainian War during the meeting with Xi Jinping, which was scheduled for the 28th.

The PT would also sign a series of agreements, such as cooperation and exchange in semiconductor technologies, 5G, 6G and the next generations of mobile networks, artificial intelligence and photovoltaic cells (for solar energy generation).

Lula began treatment with antibiotics after undergoing tests at the Hospital Sírio-Libanês in Brasília, on Thursday (23), when he was diagnosed with bacterial and viral bronchopneumonia due to influenza A.

The president had already postponed his departure to China until Sunday (26), originally scheduled for Saturday morning (25). The new communiqué from Planalto, however, talks about postponing until the health condition improves, with no forecast of a new date for the trip.

“After reassessment today [sábado] and, despite the clinical improvement, the medical service of the Presidency of the Republic recommends postponing the trip to China until the cycle of viral transmission ends”, says the note.

Doctor Roberto Kalil, who monitors Lula’s health, told Folha this Saturday that there was no aggravation and that the trip was postponed for reasons of consistency.

“He’s taking antibiotics into a vein. It’s one thing to stay here and take antibiotics, it’s another thing to take a 30-hour flight,” said Kalil.

“The President is doing very well, he is evolving well. But the Presidency’s medical team, Dr. [Helena Germoglio] with me, he suggested, and the president and [primeira-dama] Janja decided [adiar].”

The doctor even remembers that influenza can be transmitted to other people. Kalil estimates that Lula could return to work this week, but that a trip to China could only take place in approximately ten days.


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