Lula remains ‘stable’ after hip operation – International

Lula remains ‘stable’ after hip operation – International

2023-10-01 02:56:00

President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva was “stable” this Saturday afternoon (30), after undergoing a hip operation on Friday, and began undergoing physiotherapy sessions in the morning, the medical team announced that accompanies him.

Lula, who will turn 78 in October, “spent the afternoon in stable condition”, reported the latest medical bulletin released at night by Hospital Sário-Libans, in Brasilia, where the president underwent surgery and remains hospitalized.

Earlier, a previous bulletin had reported that Lula had spent the night “stable, walked in the morning and had physiotherapy sessions” in his hospital room.

The doctors who operated on him said on Friday that everything had gone “well” in the surgery and that Lula would be discharged “between Monday and Tuesday” next.

But the president will have to suspend his intense travel schedule: he will stay in Brasilia for at least four weeks, even though he intends to “work normally” during his recovery.

His doctor, Roberto Kalil Filho, assured, however, that he is certain that Lula will recover in time to participate in the United Nations Climate Conference – COP28 -, which will take place in Dubai at the end of November.

This is an important summit for the president, who positions himself as a defender of the environment and has promised to eradicate deforestation in the Amazon by 2030.

The surgery, which consisted of placing a prosthesis in the right hip to alleviate the pain caused by osteoarthritis, lasted just over an hour.

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After placing the hybrid prosthesis, the doctors “took advantage of Lula’s good response to anesthesia” to perform a small aesthetic correction surgery on the eyelids.

At the beginning of the week, Lula had said that he was “very optimistic” about the surgery, with the hope of finally putting an end to the pain he had suffered for over a year and which had left him in a “bad mood”.

“I’m going to take care of myself with great care (…) I’m sure I’m going to come back well,” he said, on Tuesday, during his weekly program “Conversation with the President”, broadcast on social media.

Initially, Lula will have to use a walker to avoid losing his balance, surgeon Giancarlo Polesello said on Friday.

However, the president does not want to demonstrate weakness in front of the cameras. “You won’t see me with a crutch,” he said, revealing that he made the decision not to appear using the accessory following advice from his official photographer.

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