Lula’s innovative campaigns, with flags, little ideology and a lot of love


In an act with intellectuals and artists, the confrontational message was avoided. Except when the former president took the microphone.

Clarion was at a ceremony in São Paulo in which former president Lula da Silva was received by intellectuals and artists. He drew attention there to the recovery, as a symbol, of the flag, a frequent element of the ruling party’s campaign, and the speeches that generally avoided the ideological debate, calling to vote “for love” with an emphasis reminiscent for a moment of the religious pastors.

“Voting for Lula is voting for democracy and love”, defined the singer Daniela Mercury, present at the event. Only Lula, who finds it hard to change his scheme as a trench politician, unloaded with a typical campaign speech in which she treated Jair Bolsonaro as genocide and urged do not refrain to remove him from the presidency.

The meeting was held in the enormous Celso Furtado auditorium in Anhembi, a neighbor of the Sambodrome of the city of San Pablo. A place that, due to its size, could house a tribe of more than 200 journalists, fact of the logical interest that the campaign arouses in Brazil, as well as a huge number of supporters of the PT, essentially people from the arts and entertainment.

Lula da Silva delivers a speech at an event with artists and intellectuals in São Paulo. Photo: EFE

Lula appeared with his running mate, the former governor of this region, the rightist Geraldo Alckmin.

“Dilma warrior!”

There was also the former president Dilma Rousseff, much greeted by the public shouting “Dilma warrior!!”, an atonement for the impeachment against her, which many of her supporters openly define at once, leaving behind the poor quality of their governments that objectively demolished the legacy of growth that it received from the Lula administration.

The act drew the attention of a witness who has been following Lula’s campaigns since his successful bid in 2002 when he succeeded his current ally and friend, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

The flag of Brazil, a symbol of which President Jair Bolsonaro and his flock appropriated, appeared almost constantly on the huge screen installed on the stage. They also multiplied harmony messages that it was difficult to make them coincide with the memory of the type of ideological and cultural battle that the PT posed in another way in the past.

Lula holds a Brazilian flag.  Photo: EFE

Lula holds a Brazilian flag. Photo: EFE

From time to time and with legends with huge letters that crossed the forum calling to “vote with love” a party leader or ally appeared on a lectern with a speech of encouragement and optimism, laced with expressions about a blissful future, putting aside the past and moving forward.

A preacher tone with a lot of movement of arms, more than that of a militant, who did not stop being entertaining.

Below, in the stalls, the actors, the intellectuals, the singers and also many young people with the ability to influence in networks. Every so often one of them received the microphone to greet the people, call the vote and there were even those who remembered how their family had taught them to love God.

Lula da Silva poses with the artists and intellectuals at the event.  Photo: EFE

Lula da Silva poses with the artists and intellectuals at the event. Photo: EFE

The religious invocation has also been a territory of domination of President Bolsonaro, who is now the PT seeks to bring down in a forceful way in the elections this Sunday. The interest of the party is that the vote be massive for avoid the second round.

broaden perspective

This format of the act would indicate an attempt to broaden the perspective towards a center, moderating confrontational profiles. The absence of ideological slogans was noted in this effort, perhaps because it was not the time or perhaps because of a series of deeper changes that are going through the organization. Love, peace and future.

Vote with love, the message in Lula's act.  Photo: AP

Vote with love, the message in Lula’s act. Photo: AP

In the event there were some important absences that were present but with recordings. Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, among them, the greatest exponents of popular music in Brazil, broadcast recorded messages.

foreign celebrities

There was also significant international representation. American producer, director and actor Mark Ruffaloyour compatriot Danny Glovera historic defender of Chavismo and a former friend of Fidel Castro, affirmed that Lula is the ideal leader to protect the Amazon. Roger Watersthe soul of Pink Floyd, also accompanied with praise.

When the microphone reached Lula, in the main speech of the night, the message went straight to the campaign. The former president attacked Bolsonaro whom he described as “genocidal, inhuman and incompetent”, for the disastrous handling of the pandemic in Brazil.

Lula attacked Bolsonaro, whom he described as “genocidal.” Photo: Nelson Almeida / AFP

He also denounced the rift that has grown in the country between the defenders of one and the other, dividing families, although it is not clear how that social rupture will be sutured. Behind the leader, again the legend exhorting to vote for love.

Lula repeated in his message a concept that is indicated in each of his acts regarding the challenge that he will face if indeed, as everything seems to indicate, he reaches the presidency again.

And there he returned to the messages of his first campaign around 2002, promising to end hunger, resolve the debts of the poorest sectors, wage increases and of course respect the subsidy system to poor sectors. He closed with a phrase much applauded by environmentalists frightened by the harassment of the Amazon: “A standing tree is more important than raising cattle.”

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