Luna Rossa makes a mistake and loses, now she is 5-3 down – A disaster in the water: Luna Rossa throws away a victory already certain in Race 8, takes two penalties and finishes 3’55 ” late. It could have jeopardized the final outcome of the 36th America’s Cup. Now Team New Zealand is 5-3 ahead, after having made a full loot.

Race 8: an unforgivable mistake

The Italian crew made a serious mistake, going over the course and taking two penalties that took her out of the game.

And this happened when Luna Rossa was over four minutes ahead, thanks to the mistake made by Team New Zealand which, after the second gate, stalled, stopping in the water, also due to the sudden drop in the wind.

Italy had run away, with more than four minutes ahead, it seemed done but the mistake of course arrived. Penalty and fine, also because Luna Rossa did not find the wind to start again. The race was reduced to five buoys due to lack of weather conditions. Tonight we return to the water, and for the first time the New Zealand defender have the opportunity to close the challenge. With two wins, the America’s Cup will remain in Auckland. Luna Rossa must win at least one to keep the duel alive.

Race 7: The Kiwis win by comeback

At the seventh round comes the break of the New Zealanders, who chase and then dominate, closing smoothly and moving forward on 4-3. For Luna Rossa great disappointment and unexpected reversal in the proportions. Balanced start, but with the Italian crew that has tightened Team New Zealand on the left edge. The defenders officially protested, but there was no penalty. Wind at 12 knots, more than double compared to yesterday, when the races were postponed.

At the first gate Luna Rossa turns with an advantage of 8 seconds, which is equivalent to a hundred meters. The Italian crew takes a big risk in giving their opponents the strong side. But the choice is rewarded. At the second gate Luna Rossa scores a plus 10 ”. From this moment the challenge becomes beautiful, the most uncertain of the series, with continuous overtaking, until Luna Rossa misses an exit and gets too wide looking for the strong side.

New Zealand comes out better and overturns the challenge, closing at the third gate with a 19 ” advantage. At the fourth gate the regatta already has a master and it’s Kiwi: more than 350 meters ahead and +29 ”. At the fifth and penultimate gate the gap increases to 48 ”, equivalent to over 750 meters. Luna Rossa collapses and arrives behind one kilometer and 58 ” away.



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