Luna Rossa returns tonight, the dream continues

by time news – Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa are back in the water tonight to break the balance of the 36 America’s Cup, after the extraordinary 1-1 of the first day of racing. And in case you were not aware of it, know that in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland, the mirror of the sea of ​​a New Zealand free from Covid, the yachts of the billionaires will drop, to enjoy the challenge from privileged locations. Emirates Team is supported by the Swiss-Italian Matteo de Nora, Luna Rossa by Patrizio Bertelli of Prada Group, who in recent weeks beat American Magic, sponsored by Doug DeVos, billionaire brother of former American Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and the British by Ineos Team of industrialist Jim Ratcliffe.

The America’s Cup is the only sporting event in the world that attracts generations of billionaires. In the past it was the Vanderbilts, JP Morgan, the founder of CNN Ted Turner, but it is also the challenge that keeps millions of fans glued to the television, fascinated by the perfection of the technique, of boats almost twenty-three meters long flying on the surface of the water, without a keel, at speeds of up to 53 knots, almost 100 kilometers per hour. They are the ‘Formula One’ of the sea and immediately gave the thrill of balance.

The New Zealand ‘defender’ won the first of the thirteen matches with a thirty-one second lead, the Italians the second with a margin of seven. The draw is the clearest result that could be recorded at the opening, because the kiwis are the big favorites and the bookmakers had not considered a 7-0 victory unreal, thus making the remaining six races on the calendar useless.

But those who followed the approach races were not surprised: Luna Rossa sailed beautifully in the semifinals and finals of the Prada Cup, against the Americans and the British. It could be a much longer challenge than expected, but in which the key moment has come: if tonight (first race starting around 4 in the morning, the second one to follow), when in Auckland it will already be Friday afternoon, Luna Rossa were to close the second day still in a draw, the game would become very interesting, certainly more than what happened twenty-one years ago when the Italian crew lost to the New Zealanders five to zero.

“In reality – commented the Australian Luna Rossa helmsman, Jimmy Spithill yesterday – I thought that that time the boys had gone great”. Spithill knows how to win: he has won two America’s Cups as an Oracle Team skipper, but for sure the risk of the ‘coat’ is gone. From tonight, however, there is something more at stake: the possibility of insinuating new doubts on the champions, also counting on a new technical fact. From now on the regattas will take place every day. The wind will play its part more than in the past: the race course is one of the windiest and, as Spithill recalled, those who start in the lead will have an advantage.


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