Luna Rossa’s dream continues, now it’s 2-2 – Luna Rossa’s dream in the 36th America’s Cup continues: after the second day the Italian boat went 2-2 with New Zealand, with a fantastic victory in the third regatta to which the kiwis responded by clearly winning the next one and recovering in a tie. Never has an Italian boat won two regattas in the most prestigious trophy in sailing.

The perfect regatta

In race-3 the Italian crew cut off the reigning champions of Team New Zealand with a perfect regatta, conducted from the beginning with authority and ended in crescendo. Favored by a light wind, the Italian boat kept the left side of the race course, turning the first gate with an immediately noticeable advantage of ten seconds, equivalent to over 140 meters. At the second gate the advantage increases to 13 ”, which becomes 27 ” at the third, 22 ‘at the fourth, to rise to 38’ ‘at the fifth, when Luna Rossa scores a high level soft tack, to close with 37 ” of advantage. The Kiwis are clearly losing confidence and have to ask themselves how to fix it in the next race. Now the challenge, against many forecasts, sees Italy lead 2-1. It is the first time in the history of the America’s Cup that Luna Rossa is in command.

The New Zealand revenge

Nothing to do for Luna Rossa in race-4: the New Zealand defenders win, impacting 2-2 on the second day of racing of the 36 edition of the America’s Cup. After the Italian masterpiece in race-3, the Kiwis appeared determined not to lose the third consecutive race, an event that could have marked the challenge. The entry into the stretch of water was powerful, Emirates Team immediately gained the port side, where it never lost. The advantage at the first gate was nine seconds, and then grew sharply at the second, with 34 ”, 34 ” again at the third gate, 48 ” at the fourth, 58 ” at the fifth. The impression, at that point, is that it was already over. To weigh on the result was an opening error by Luna Rossa, who in one of the first jibes miscalculated the exit angle, significantly slowing down the pace. On the other hand, the New Zealanders went fast both downwind and downwind, with an advantage that reached, in the last lap, the 800 meters, on the 2500 of the race course. Closing with New Zealand winning and an advantage of over a minute, 63 ”. In the night between Friday and Saturday we return to the water. But Luna Rossa in race-3 proved to be able to play.



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