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Projects promoted by women who build female entrepreneurial businesses capable of self-sustaining and actively contributing to the prosperity of small local economies. Supporting these small businesses, which have a great positive impact, is Lush, an ethical brand of fresh and handmade cosmetics, which stands alongside women who generate change in the world, supporting communities and supporting social regeneration projects and environmental. These include the Indian community ReWrap, the Cejudhcan organization in Nicaragua, the āluān collective in the Indonesian archipelago of Sumatra or the Twala Women’s Group in Kenya.

In India, Re-wrap is a non-profit social enterprise born to help artisans in India and support them in creating organic textile products with a positive impact on people and the environment. Re-Wrap teaches sewing techniques to socially and economically marginalized women to enable them to obtain a fair salary that guarantees independence and the possibility of living with dignity. Today it employs over 250 women in Karnataka. Over the years, this cooperative has created canvas bags and scarves for Lush, a versatile and ecological alternative to gift paper and packaging.

Internationally certified by the Word Fair Trade Organization, Re-wrap provides a safe, hygienic and happy environment for women’s work.

In Nicaragua il Center for Justice and Human Rights of the Atlantic Coast (Cejudhcan) is a women-led organization that works to defend and support the indigenous population of Miskito, victims of violence only because they defend the territory of their ancestors. Among the winners of the Lush Spring Prize, Cejudhcan was founded by Lottie Cunningham Wren and fights to guarantee the rights of indigenous lands, promote sustainable land management, offering useful tools to promote female empowerment by offering Miskito women tools and basic knowledge of ecological and bio-intensive agriculture. To date, more than 300 family gardens have been created in seven communities in the Wangki Maya Territory.

Simeulue and Bangkaru are islands of the pristine Indonesian archipelago in the Aceh region of Sumatra. Here āluān ed EcosystemImpact they are two realities that collaborate according to the canons of social, environmental and economic sustainability to provide solutions to the global challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. To make the base for its soaps, since 2017, Lush has been purchasing certified organic raw virgin coconut oil directly from āluān, a company led by women that brings together over 500 small independent farmers. The women of āluān founded EcosystemImpact Foundation, a school of sustainability to promote conservation, bring people together to promote knowledge, sharing and cooperation with a view to sustainable growth.

EcosystemImpact aims to preserve Simeulue and Bangkaru, wild and unspoiled islands, a refuge for many species of birds and a nesting site for sea turtles. The association promotes a coral reef restoration project and an anti-poaching program that, thanks to a team of six rangers, provides constant protection to sea turtle eggs.

In Kenya, the women’s association Twala Women’s Group coordinated by Rosemary Nenini, has found in the cultivation of aloe an instrument of economic rebirth and social emancipation. The women of Twala started their entrepreneurial activity, cultivating and selling aloe secudiflora, a plant that has its roots in the Masai culture, both for medicinal uses and for the production of a local specialty, Muratina beer.

The fresh leaves of Laikipia aloe are used by Lush in the Charity Pot hand and body cream, the proceeds of which are entirely donated to associations that work in defense of human, environmental and animal rights. The Twala Women’s Group today brings together over 200 women and grows aloe on an area of ​​40 acres of land. It collaborates with the Laikipia Permaculture Center, a center that supports the activity of women in the community by offering them training on permaculture principles.

On Monday 8 March Ruth Andrade, Lush Regenerative Impact and Lush Earthcare Team, will participate as a speaker at the webinar organized by the Action Against Hunger association to talk about Gender Equality as a fundamental human right and talk about the projects that see Lush alongside women’s communities.


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