Luxury village under the ground!- Dinamani

There will be a mine under the soil. South Australia has an underground village with all the luxury and entertainment facilities.

This subterranean village is called “Cooper Paddy”. Around 3,500 people live in 1,500 houses in harmony without any problems.

“Cooper Paddy” is the name of the village. Apart from residential houses, the village has all the amenities of a city like offices, shopping malls, churches, theatres, museums, bars selling liquor and hotels.

Why so much? Internet facility is also available.

Centuries ago, this miraculous earthen village was a desert. People have suffered a lot without a suitable temperature for living. Unable to bear the difficulties, they left.

By the year 1915, mining works were started in this area. There was a situation where people lived inside the soil. People started living in this village again.

Whether it is summer or winter, the living people are able to bear it, so people are living happily with all the recreational facilities without any difficulty or hardship.


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