IA driving report usually says something about the car and what we think of it. That’s right, because those who read it want to know whether they should buy it. In the case of Lynk & Co 01, we advise against it. This will not displease the manufacturer of the compact crossover, according to reports, nine out of ten customers save themselves the purchase of this plug-in hybrid. Instead, you can rent it, which then costs exactly 500 euros a month. If you find that a lot, you have to know that everything is included, except for the petrol, and the contract can be terminated immediately. In the event of a defect, the Lynk is picked up by the Volvo dealer, repaired and brought back to the door, the brand with the unusual name – it could also suit a law firm, we don’t know how one comes up with something like that – belongs to Volvo to the Chinese company Geely.

Ideally, part of the costs will flow back, because if the Lynk is not needed, it can be rented out. This distinguishes it from other rental models – at least in theory, because first of all you need someone who also wants it. There’s an app for that, so there’s no need to go to one of Lynk’s clubs, especially since those hangouts aren’t very common among supporters of the idea yet.

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