Lyon fans threw a bottle at Paella’s head, the game exploded

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The break also failed to calm the French crowd, as this time a donor of Lyon fans arrived. A bottle thrown by one of them tonight (Sunday) in the opening minutes against Marseille, hit Dimitri Payet’s head and caused the game to stop and eventually his explosion, after nearly two hours of deliberation, an announcement of the renewal and refusal of Marseille players to return to the pitch. Before that, they actually played football in the 14th round, when Nice became 1: 2 in Clermont and rose to second place at the expense of Lance, who was defeated 4: 0 in Brest.

Returning victim. Dimitri Paella at the moment of injury | Reuters

Lyon – Marseille (blown up)

Another mess in the turbulent season going on in the French league, and again it happens in Marseille’s game. This time it was not her fans who were to blame, but Lyon fans who threw a bottle that hit Dimitri Paella’s head after four minutes. The visiting captain, who went to pick up a corner kick, lay down on the grass and needed treatment when it was the second time this season that a game was stopped after a bottle hit him, as happened in the derby against Nice in the third round. He then went down to the locker room with his friends and only after nearly two hours of discussions and despite official announcement that the game would resume, eventually the Marseille players refused to return and the evening came to an end after only 8 minutes of football.

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Referee Rudy Boca did not want to resume the match according to reports, but heavy pressure was exerted on him leaving him too much choice and he eventually announced the resumption of the game. An announcement was made in the stadium’s announcement system and Lyon players returned to the pitch to warm up, but Paella announced that he could not return to play, Marseille players were furious and refused to return and the French league leaders regretted their decision to resume play and confirm its end. To check on Paia and the rest of his friends.

It should be noted that the person who threw the bottle was taken out of the stadium by Lyon fans, it was made clear to them that sanctions would be taken against them in case of further incidents. Then the same fan was also arrested by the local police.

Marseille player Dimitri Payet after being hit by a bottle thrown by Lyon fans
Went down to the dressing room with ice on his head. Dimitri Paella | Reuters

A slap for throwing the bottle?

Thierry Henry, who serves as commentator on the game, said: “Lyon-Marseille is the main game, people are watching it. Once again we see a game being stopped because of idiots. This is not what I want the English, Spaniards and Italians to see in the French league. In England, such people receive expulsions “For life from the pitches. Not a month or two – for life.”

Dmitry Payet was hit by a bottle thrown by Lyon fans
A sad ending to another evening in France. The moment of the paella hit | Imagebank GettyImages, PHILIPPE DESMAZES

Brest – Lance 0: 4

A third straight win for the recovering team of Michel Der Zakrian, this time with an impressive display against one of the surprises of the season so far. Outside Lance looks less good, and on the way to her third straight loss as a guest she crashed already in the first half. Steve Monier slammed in in the third minute, 10 minutes later captain Brendan Chardonnay slammed in the second after a corner from Roman Faber, who in the 33rd minute scored himself. Lance was stopped twice in the crossbar and in the 69th minute absorbed the fourth from the feet of Jeremy Le Douron, when five minutes later the trouble increased with the dismissal of substitute Arno Climando.

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Roman Faber Actor Brest (right) celebrates goal
Excelled in Brest uniform with gate and cooking. Roman Faber, right | Reuters

Clermont – Nice 2: 1

Nice’s third makeover of the season, and she’s in second place again. Floren Uzier surprised with a shot in the 17th minute, but Clermont was stopped in the crossbar and punished in the second half. Morgan Schneiderlin came on as a substitute and cooked for Amin Guiri in the 77th minute, and five more minutes later the striker completed a double, this time after preparation by Justin Claibert who returned from injury and also came off the bench. Fourth consecutive loss to host.

Pekondo State Lance Player
Lance collapsed in the first half. Pecondo State | Reuters

More games

Angers – Lorraine 0: 1
Lanja: Thomas Mangani (68 in Pendel)

Metz – Bordeaux 3: 3
Lemetz: Nicolas de Parville (45), Baker Angett (51 and 70). For Bordeaux: Alberto Ellis (17), Rami Auden (39 and 65)

Strasbourg – Reims 1: 1
Reims: Hugo Akitika (22). To Strasbourg: Jean Rickner Belgard (90 + 7). Host Kevin Gemiro hosts a penalty kick over the crossbar (43)

Troyes – Saint-Etienne 1: 0
To Saint-Etienne: Miguel Trauco (60)


Monaco – Night 2: 2


Paris Saint-Germain – Nantes 1: 3

Run – Montpellier 0: 2

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