Lyon: fresh routes to enjoy the city despite the heat




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E. Prigent, N. Baker, T. Simonet

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The city of Lyon is one of the most affected by repeated scorching temperatures. It has therefore decided to identify very precisely the islands of freshness in order to propose itineraries which make it possible to connect the areas where it is possible to find trees and water points.

In Lyon (Rhône)the places are sparse and holidaymakers are looking for the slightest gray area, to enjoy their stay despite everything. How to visit a city with more than 35°C? In Lyon, five journey freshness were imagined over several kilometres, between gardens, churches, shady alleys of old Lyon and water points.

Among the refuge areas, the hill of Fourrière and its wooded area. “It’s in the shade, it’s cool. And then it’s beautiful”says a woman. On the slopes of the Red Cross, it is up to 5°C cooler in this intimate maze. A group of friends, some of whom come from Quebec (Canada), take advantage of this moment. “Both a place to cool off and experience a bit of history”testifies one of them. The very high heat in summer is also an economic issue. Lyon was the first city to have identified hundreds of refreshment points and to offer itineraries. The city was then imitated by others, such as Paris.

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