Lyricist Rajeev Alunkal Opens Up About His Late Younger Brother Memories

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Rajeev Alunkal makes his lyrical debut with a professional play. He made his film debut in the 2002 Mohanlal film Hariharan Pillai Happy. He is behind many hit songs of Malayalam cinema. Rajeev Alunkal is open-minded about his current music career. He is a native of Cherthala, Alappuzha.

Children’s minds always know that they should always be innocent. He has written songs about Kompanana and the rooster. Rajeev Alunkal said that he was lucky enough to write many songs sung by the new generation. No music director says he’s bad. Ultimately it is up to the listener to decide. You are told to write and sit. When asked to run and walk, he sometimes loses control. Rajeev Alunkal had said that he was confident that he could write as many times as he wanted.

Rajeev also talks about his brother who passed away prematurely. We were two. Aniyan died at the age of 15. Then there was loneliness. The song was written at the age of 19. Learned privately. He has written a love letter for his friends. At the age of 21, I wrote the first song, I like it. “No one thought of me then,” he said

The show talks about marriage and his wife and children. Deepa is a teenager who grew up listening to all my songs. It was a marriage planned by the family. The children are also active in song and acting. Rajeev Alunkal says that he has received many love letters after being identified in the lyric. Rajiv’s wife Deepa said that she was called by her fans from time to time. At home, people sometimes get angry. And soon it will change. Deepa also sang the song Shruthi Shuddhamai Neelajalasayathil. The son is active with his own YouTube channel. He does everything on his own. Rajeev and Deepa said that a video was recently watched by one crore viewers.

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