M.K. ‘That’ box given by Stalin to Narendra Modi – full details


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin presents Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an ark containing Tamil heritage seeds

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. When Stalin met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he gifted him a box of Tamil Nadu’s traditional cereal. What grains were inside the box? What is their significance?

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, who went to Delhi on Tuesday midnight, met Indian President Draupadi Murmu, Vice President Jagadeep Dhankar on Wednesday morning and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the evening.

Then Chief Minister Stalin presented them with a vault containing a collection of traditional grains in Tamil Nadu. After hearing about each of their seeds, the Prime Minister said that he would sow them in the garden of the Prime Minister’s House complex.

More than a hundred varieties of rice and a variety of small grains are still cultivated in Tamil Nadu. In this case, only a set of 9 selected grains was sent to the Prime Minister. Stalin has given.


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