M5s, the “rebel” Dadone rejoices. His partner won the competition as a policeman

M5s, the “rebel” Dadone rejoices. His partner won the competition as a policeman

While the M5s is engaged in an endless internal war, with an exhausting back and forth between the guarantor Beppe Grillo who has decided to entrust the leadership of the new party to the former premier Giuseppe Conte and the manager of the Rousseau platform who does not want to give up the its power, there are also those who celebrate. This is the minister for youth policies Fabiana Dadone, the same one who ended up at the center of the controversy for a photo on social media on 8 March. In which claiming the rights of women, he showed himself with his legs resting on the table in his office at the ministry and on his feet he had red shoes with heels. Image immediately went viral.

After a year of waiting, the awaited news has arrived, his partner has won a competition and will become – according to the press – traffic policeman. Ergys Haxhiu is a 37-year-old entrepreneur from Monregal, an Italian citizen with Albanian origins. He is among the winners of the competition launched over a year ago to select 11 new local police officers to operate in the Piedmontese Langhe. After the written tests, practical test and final interview – continues the Press – the ranking was drawn up and, in order of arrival, the selected ones chose the place they preferred. Ergys Haxhiu was sixth and opted for Dogliani, not far from where he lives with his partner (when not busy in Rome) and two young children.


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