M5s, with Casaleggio you go to court. Conte: “It’s just a private individual with a site”

The internal war in the M5s continues. Every attempt at conciliation with Davide Casaleggio has failed, but resolving the issue linked to the Rousseau platform is a priority for the designated leader Giuseppe Conte. In the last week, – reads the press – the former premier has paused the project of the new statute of the 5-star Movement and its future code of ethics. The work is well advanced, it will be presented after Easter, but it will be completely useless if the main problem, which is called Davide Casaleggio, is not first solved. The president of the Rousseau association and son of the co-founder was clear: before calling any online vote, the arrears due to the platform, which amount to about 450 thousand euros, must be paid by the elected M5S. Without the balance, no changes to the statutory cards can be proposed, let alone the appointment of Conte as leader.

The former prime minister – continues La Stampa – after the failure of the negotiations went to counterattack and decided to study the papers to bring Casaleggio to court. Faced with the raised and impassable wall, Conte understood that he had no alternatives: “The life of the majority party in Parliament cannot be blocked due to the economic claim of a private individual who manages a website2, was the thought expressed during one of the meetings of the last week that Crimi was also in. So, there is no alternative: Casaleggio will have to be dragged in front of a judge.

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