About three weeks later, we revealed for the first time that a year and a half after breaking up with Avichai Ohana, reality star Maayan Ashkenazi is in a new relationship, with someone she claims will “be her husband.” The lucky one is none other than Dor Chai Hemo, a football player in the first division – whom Maayan tried to keep as far away from the public eye as possible.

But this past weekend her followers were excited to see for the first time a couple photo of the two, which Maayan uploaded to her story. The two, who wore matching white robes, looked particularly tight and sweet. The sharp-eyed will notice the red heart on the sink and next to it appears an emoji of a palm and the word “hamsa”.

fresh. Ashkenazi and his spouse | Photo: From Instagram, instagram

Still, Ashkenazi was in no hurry to reveal it, she told us in a recent interview with her: ““I waited a long time for something to come to my life that is so good, pure and real. Since I came out of ‘Survival’ I have experienced so much evil from people, and because what is happening between us is so good, I want to keep it to myself for a while longer.” So it seems that the relationship between them has reached a good place, because this couple picture completely signals beyond the next stage.

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