Maccabi Beer Sheva won the A. Shefela youth championship

Maccabi Beer Sheva won the A. Shefela youth championship

Boys’ League A Shefela 21-22

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Maccabi Beer Sheva Boys (courtesy of the club)

Maccabi Beer Sheva Boys (courtesy of the club)

This was one of the difficult seasons that Maccabi Beer Sheva experienced, “Order of Reconciliation”, the modest team from the capital of the Negev, which had to face quite a few hurdles, the main one being Hapoel Adumim Ashdod, a strong team that did not give up the championship plate until the last minute. These are two youth departments that are beginning to develop and take shape. In the midst of the Passover holiday for children, Hapoel Adumim Ashdod and Maccabi Beer Sheva met in the 25th and penultimate round at Synthetico in Ashdod to play for the coveted title: the championship plate.

Before the match, the gap between the two was only one point, with Beer Sheva having 39 points, while Ashdod had 38 points. BS’s victory would have guaranteed the humble club the title of champion of the youth league A Shefela for the 2021/22 season. If Hapoel Adumim Ashdod had won, the pressure would have worked for the last round, Of the league (27 goals) and the king of goals of the team, scored the only goal in the game and determined the result of the game.

Boaron’s data (2005 yearbook) are staggering. Apart from being a youth player, he has often played for the club’s youth team this season. There are those who are building on it for the future and quite a few eyes on it in the south of the country. His name appears almost everywhere. Out of his 35 games this season, he has not scored in 12 of them. But Beitar (23) managed to punch nets with no less than 37 goals, as mentioned, when it comes to an average of 1.6 goals per game. A formidable striker who is hard to stop. He is talented, sharp, fast, knows where to be in the open and makes a wonderful season for him.

After the youth group, also boys B. Shefela Champion

Some data about Maccabi Beer Sheva this season: No less than six players took championships in the youth as well, which means that they won two championships in one year. And the actors are: Levi Elia, Elad Tezzo, Ben Harush Ofek, Sagi Vanunu, Noah Jonathan and Jordan Boaron. The four car players in boys’ group A are generally from boys group B, with two of them opening brakes. Jordan Boaron is the league’s top scorer with 27 goals (when he missed one game that will take place this coming Monday against last place in the league) he is the one who scored the goal in extra time and this is not the first time this season he has done so. A huge ambition for the team’s coach, Meir Atli and the professional manager, Elad Mishaeli, who brought Maccabi Beer Sheva a lot of satisfaction this season.

The one who judged this masquerade contest is none other than Sapir Busquila, the star of the TV series “League C”, by Ruby Elmaleh. Busquila, who usually referees League B and C games, has received quite a few intriguing games this season from the youth departments and the women’s leagues. There is no doubt that it proves that women also have a place in Israeli football.


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