Macron on the phone with Zelensky and explosions in Crimea

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news of the day

For “an hour and twenty”, Macron and Zelensky spoke on the phone this morning. The two leaders discussed the situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Under Russian control in southern Ukraine, the largest power plant in Europe has been the target of several bombings, of which kyiv and Moscow accuse each other. Emmanuel Macron took advantage of this exchange to underline “his concern about the threat posed by the presence, the actions of the Russian armed forces and the context of war on the safety and security of Ukrainian nuclear installations”. He calls for the withdrawal of Russian forces from the plant.

sentence of the day

“The situation in Ukraine shows that the United States is trying to drag out this conflict. And they do the same by cultivating the possibility of conflict in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America. »

Vladimir Putin said the words on Tuesday during an address to the International Security Conference in Moscow. He accuses the United States of dragging out the Ukrainian conflict, and of seeking to “destabilize” the world. Russia had already repeatedly denounced US arms deliveries to the Ukrainian regime in recent months. Relations between the United States and Russia are going through a period of unprecedented tension.

The number of the day

50.000 roubles. This is the amount of the fine to which Yuri Chevtchouk, sacred monster of Russian rock, was sentenced on Tuesday. A court in Ufa (central Russia) found the singer guilty of “public action intended to discredit the use of Russian armed forces” for having denounced the offensive against Ukraine during a concert. A month ago, he hammered in front of his audience that “the fatherland is not to be the president’s permanent ass-licker”. The artist will have to pay the equivalent of 800 euros in fines.

The trend of the day

The situation is getting worse in Crimea. Ammunition exploded in a military depot near Djankoï, in the north of this peninsula annexed by Russia. Two people were injured and a nearby village was evacuated. “A high voltage line, a power station, a railway line, as well as several houses were also damaged”, detailed the Russian army. The latter maintains that the explosions are the result of an “act of sabotage”. An explosion of ammunition, in the west of the peninsula, had already left one dead and several injured last week.


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