“Macroscopic error, absurd that they didn’t notice it immediately”

by time news

“It is such a gross error that I find it absurd that they did not notice it immediately. How long did it take before they picked up the postcard? Even a few seconds would be too long ”. The historian Franco Cardini comments with time.news on the gaffe of the presidency of the Council which, to commemorate the centenary of the Unknown Soldier, published in its institutional channels a postcard, later withdrawn, in which soldiers, probably American, in uniform appeared. of World War II and not of the First, with, in the background, a vague geographical map of Colombia or the Iberian Peninsula, certainly not of Italy. The error of the historical-geographical context has raised criticism from the Brothers of Italy, which has announced a question “to track down those responsible for this sloppiness”.

“Errors like these, in this case of the Prime Minister – continues Cardini – are one more proof of the cultural level and awareness that regulate our institutions. I don’t know how long this image has remained online, but I don’t think it can go unnoticed, especially by those who published it, who must have a minimum of education “.

“Instead – he continues – what stands out is a desolate awareness of the level of people in charge of important functions in public life. Things like this happen especially on the internet – admits the historian – but just as we immediately realize that a The result does not correspond to what we were looking for on the net, in the same way someone should have realized at the source and in time that the uniforms represented were incompatible with those of the First World War ”.

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