Madonna intervenes by surprise (and sings) in the Broncano program | Fashion

Madonna intervenes by surprise (and sings) in the Broncano program |  Fashion

2023-06-06 13:52:43

The singer Tokischa has been the last guest of La Resistencia. Everything flowed normally in the interview that David Broncano was doing with the Dominican singer when suddenly the rapper’s mobile rang and Madonna was on the other end of the phone. It was then that Tokischa, who is in Spain because she will perform at Primavera Sound, told Madonna that she was in an interview and that she could say hello. The Queen of Pop answered by singing a piece of her mythical theme The beautiful island.

Once the shock Initially that Madonna was calling Tokischa’s phone, Broncano asked the rapper to pass her mobile to talk to her. To everyone’s surprise, Madonna knew about the program and was open to a possible invitation to sit down and chat with Broncano. The host told her that she would do anything to get her to come on the show. “You’ve never invited me to the program, but hey,” Madonna snapped at Broncano at the first opportunity. «If you come to the program we would pay for everything, the plane, we would give you a massage, a pineapple juice made with pineapples that I would squeeze with my own hands to extract the juice. I would do anything you want,” Broncano said. To which Madonna replied: “That’s just what I want to hear from men.”

Before saying goodbye, Madonna had a few words of affection and admiration for Tokischa. “I love her and I miss her, I’m delighted to have met her and to work with her. She is mind blowing,” she said. When Madonna hung up, the presenter was still in shock: “Sorry Tokischa, but we are all a little surprised because, I think, we have been talking to Madonna.”

Tokischa has become an international benchmark for urban music in recent years. In Spain, he became known thanks to his collaboration on the song ‘Linda’ by Rosalía. In addition, the Dominican has worked with other artists such as J Balvin or Madonna herself, with whom she generated a great friendship as a result of the collaboration, as could be seen on the Broncano program.

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