Madurai AIADMK general meeting R.P. Udayakumar who said the speech of laughter – Angry Sellur Raju sellur raju anger with rb udhayakumar in madurai admk meeting

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MaduraiAIADMK Vice President RB Udayakumar has said that Pillaiyar has been set up in Madurai to remove the DMK regime.

Speaking at the AIADMK general meeting in Palanganatha, Madurai, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly RP Udayakumar said, “K. Palaniswami’s flag, which flew in the Kongu region, has now started flying in the southern region. EPS is the only hope of Tamils. Pillaiyar Suhi has been launched in Madurai to remove the DMK regime which is running an anti-people regime. We will rally under the leadership of K. Palaniswami” he said.

Organizing Secretary VV Rajan Chellappa said, “The politics of Madurai will decide the future politics of Tamil Nadu. On that basis, the crowd that has gathered now will cause a break not only for AIADMK but also for Tamil Nadu. K. Palaniswami, who was the Chief Minister in the AIADMK regime for 4 1/2 years, has visited Madurai 50 times. Today some people are going to court. In response to him, South District will side with AIADMK K. Palaniswami. Udhayanidhi Stalin showed a brick and took a vote to bring AIIMS hospital. But this project will not come under DMK rule. This project is likely to come after K. Palaniswami returns as Chief Minister.

Sellur Raju is petulantly angry

In the meeting, before Sellur K. Raju came to speak, RB Udayakumar sat down after saying that the former Minister Sellur K. Raju would address him next. To that, Sellur Raju got angry with R.P.Udayakumar saying that instead of saying that he is giving a heroic speech, he is going to say that he will make us laugh as a comedy.

Sellur K. Raju said, “Today the government is going on. The show is happening. Shooting and photography are going on everyday. K. Palaniswami stands with the people and looks at the mansion. But some people see people from the palace. They will say that DMK came to power by talking. But, today every minister is going to topple the government by talking to each other” he said.

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