Madurai Airport, Madurai Airport: Will DMK Govt take Edappadi to the next level? – aiadmk former minister rb udhayakumar questions dmk govt about madurai airport upgrade

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Edappadi Palaniswami supporter and Deputy Leader of Opposition in Assembly RB Udayakumar released a video. Out of which, the central government allocated Rs 550 crore to make Madurai airport an international airport. 633.17 acres of land was required for the airport expansion.

In this, during the regime of Jayalalithaa led by Edappadiyar, 528.65 lands were fully handed over as patta lands and government alienated lands in Ayanpappakudi, Kusavangundu, Papanodai, Raman Kulam and other areas. Specifically, 90 percent compensation was provided.

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The DMK government should take immediate action on the remaining 104.52 acres of land. During the Corona phase, land acquisition was delayed. Now back to normal. Therefore, the DMK government should come forward to give due cooperation as expected by the central government. Madurai should also show the same concern as Chennai’s new airport.

Madurai district is a backward district in industrial development. Whereas it is a tourist district. Industrial development, agricultural development, economic development and educational development will take place through this new international airport. Already, an international airport requires 500 to 1,000 meters of land along the Ring Road.

If that land is taken, the vehicles will have to travel around nine kilometers. Hence it was decided to implement the under pass scheme. NOC was issued for this during Edappadiyar regime. Such a scheme is working well in Mysore and Varanasi.
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After this, for the first time in Tamil Nadu, it will operate in Madurai. So will the DMK government speed up the steps taken by the Edappadiyar-led Jayalalithaa government to upgrade the Madurai airport to an international airport? Put it on hold? RB Udayakumar has questioned the Tamil Nadu government.

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