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The underground secret chamber of the 13th century Agathiswarar Temple was opened in Madurai. In this, the villagers were happy as 21 items including ancient statues were found.

Built by Maravarma Sundara Pandyan in the 13th century, the Agathiswarar Temple is a place where people from all over the region perform Sami darshan and perform wedding ceremonies. In this situation, the Department of Hindu Religious Affairs of Tamil Nadu has been ordered to renovate the ancient temples and carry out Kumbabhishekam.


In this situation, the officials of the Madurai Regional Hindu Charitable Department started the work of conducting Kumbabhishekam at the Agathiswarar Temple in Tiruchirappalli, Madurai. Then they inspected the temple. The consecration had not taken place there for many years, and it was revealed that there were no statues of nobles strolling the streets during the festival.

It was later revealed that there was a secret basement in the Agathiswarar temple near the Moolavar statue which had not been opened for centuries. Following this, the Hindu Charities Department officials opened the secret room in the presence of the Assistant Commissioner of the Hindu Temples Department Vijayan, Melur Police DSP Prabhakaran and the Melur Revenue Department Deputy Governor Bhumai.


In this case, when you go into the secret room, there are statues of the ancient musical vehicle Ganesha, Srichandikeswarar and the goddess. 21 antique iphone and brass items were found as pooja items including Aswa vehicle mace weapon.

Assistant Commissioner Vijayan said that only after archeological excavations will it be known what kind of statue these are and how many years old they are. The public has demanded that the idols found in the temple be kept safe and the puja be performed.

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