Madurai | Student arrested for sending videos of hostel girls bathing and changing clothes to doctor | Women student arrested for sharing naked photos to doctor in Madurai

Madurai: A student from the same hostel took photos and videos of girls staying in a hostel in Madurai taking a bath and changing clothes and sent them to Dr. Kamuthi. The Madurai Cybercrime Police arrested the hostel student and Dr. Kamuthi in this connection.

Asik (age 31) hails from Kamudi in Ramanathapuram district. He has completed his MBBS and runs a clinic at Muslim Bazaar in Kamudi. Dr. Asik has been married for 3 years. Kalishwari is from the area near his clinic. She is staying in a private girls’ hostel in Annanagar, Madurai and is studying B.Ed in a private college in Madurai. He and Dr. Asik from Kamudi have been friends for many years.

Meanwhile, Kaliswari, who is studying in the women’s hostel, has taken photos and videos of other women staying with her in the bathroom, changing clothes, and sent them to Dr. Asik. A woman, who saw photos and videos being taken and sent, lodged a complaint with the innkeeper. When he saw Kalishwari’s cell phone, there were many such photos and videos.

The hotel manager then lodged a complaint with the Madurai Annanagar police. From there the complaint was transferred to the Cybercrime Police and Cybercrime Inspector Selvakumar investigated the case. In the investigation of the police, it was found that the obscene photos and videos were sent. As a result, the cybercrime police have arrested both Dr. Asik and the student Kaliswari.


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