Maersk and the Port of Ashdod in a cooperation agreement with the technology incubator at the port

Maersk and the Port of Ashdod in a cooperation agreement with the technology incubator at the port

Ashdod Port Company and Maersk Shipping Company – one of the world’s leaders in integrated logistics – signed a cooperation on innovation in the field of logistics in shipping and ports.

Maersk has set its sights on connecting and streamlining the customer’s supply chains and found Ashdod Port as a natural partner in the matter, which can bring new ideas and creative thinking to the port’s shipping and logistics field. As part of the agreement, Israeli start-ups that take part in the technology incubator of Ashdod port will be able to hold a pilot in Maersk ships, and experiment with the technologies they have developed.

The agreement was signed at the conference Manifest which took place in Las Vegas, USA – one of the largest logistics conferences in the world. The conference was attended by over 3,000 guests from about 50 different countries, with 1,000 start-ups and investors, and 250 CEOs from leading companies such as Siemens, Schneider andDHL.

The director of the innovation department, Roi Abrahami, represented the Port of Ashdod at the signing ceremony. redwood cedar, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Growthrepresented the Maersk company.

The Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, MK Miri Regev, said: “Our office sees innovation as a powerful growth engine, and the only way to maintain a competitive advantage in a growing, dynamic and changing field like ours. I am happy that the Ashdod port management is committed to promoting innovation within the framework of a dedicated technology incubator, and congratulates the port management on signing a historic and first-of-its-kind agreement in Israel for cooperation in the field of innovation with the world’s leading shipping company Maersk, which will enable the existence of pilots and the implementation of innovative technologies in its ships.’

Orna Hozman Bachor, Chairman of the Ashdod Port Board of Directors, stated that: “The Ashdod Port Board of Directors and management continue their efforts to expand Ashdod Port’s collaborations around the world in order to promote new technologies and innovation in the world of shipping. Collaborations of this type are critical to upgrading and streamlining the entire supply chain, the source of the modern global economy. We are excited about the collaboration with Maersk.’

redwood cedar, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Growth, at the Maersk company, said: “The epidemic emphasized the importance of maritime logistics and the need for integration between it and ground logistics. We want to emphasize this area in order to provide our customers with a more competitive, flexible and easy service. The new partnership with the technological incubator of the Port of Ashdod will allow us to accelerate the integration of new technologies in our business and operational processes. Today’s signing is in addition to a previous innovation agreement signed in 2021 between Maersk and the Transportation and Logistics Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH). The agreement allows the company to use the teams of WITHwho are known all over the world as experts in engineering and data science, to explore new ways to improve logistics and data processes.’


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