Maersk takes over Asos’ global logistics |

Maersk takes over Asos’ global logistics |

Maersk takes over Asos' global logistics

The maritime operator Maersk (Spain) has taken over the management of the global supply chain of the Asos platform. The British fashion company has more than 26 million active customers, in more than 200 markets, in which it supplies almost 70,000 different references.

As part of its new contract, the Danish shipping company will be in charge of the supply chain of the British platform, as well as the maritime and air transport services from its logistics platforms.

For its part, the fashion firm has four logistics centers. Two of them are located in the United Kingdom, while another one is in Germany and the last one is located in the United States. All of them have managed to manage almost one hundred million orders during the company’s last financial year.

Maersk’s goal is to build on its control of assets throughout the transportation chain to bring greater agility, speed, and resilience to Asos’ logistics management.

In turn, the British platform wants to make the most of Maersk’s skills as a logistics integrator to boost the marketing of its products, something of particular importance in the e-commerce segment.

Apart from establishing new logistics collaborations, after the dissolution of the 2M Alliance, Maersk makes decisions about its future. One of the measures that the shipping company made known is that it will move towards a singular brand by integrating Maersk, Hamburg Süd and Sealand, among others, into one.


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