Magdalena Anderson elected Sweden’s first female Prime Minister

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Sweden’s current Finance Minister Magdalena Anderson has been elected Sweden’s first female Prime Minister.

Stephen, the Prime Minister of Sweden recently resigned from his post following the defeat of a no-confidence vote in the Swedish parliament. No party has a majority in the Swedish parliament. Therefore, a new Prime Minister can only be elected by a number of parties.

He can only become prime minister if he has the support of 175 members out of a total of 349 seats in parliament. The country’s current finance minister, Magdalena Anderson, is running for prime minister on behalf of the Social Democrats.

In a parliamentary vote, 117 votes were cast in favor of Magdalena and 174 against. 57 abstained and one abstained. Despite the overwhelming majority of those who voted against him, he would be considered a failure if elected by a majority of 175 members, according to Sweden’s constitution, to elect a new prime minister.

But with only 174 members in opposition, Magdalena was elected prime minister and elected prime minister. Following this, 54 year old Magdalena Anderson became the first female Prime Minister of Sweden.


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