Magdalena Anderson elected Sweden’s first female Prime Minister

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Stockholm, November 24,

Sweden’s former finance minister Magdalena Anderson is set to become Sweden’s first female prime minister.

Stephen resigns as Sweden’s prime minister

The total number of seats in the Swedish Parliament is 349.

Only someone with at least 175 MPs support can be prime minister.

No party has a majority in Sweden’s parliament, so only a coalition of parties can elect a prime minister. The Social Democrats have 100 seats .The Green Party, its ally, has 16 seats and some smaller parties support the Social Democrats.

Along with them, the Left Party has now offered to support Social Democrat candidate Magdalena Anderson.

Social Democrats

The party’s Magdalena Anderson has offered to run for prime minister.

Parliament was given until Monday to prove its majority. But Magdalena was unable to prove majority support on Monday.

The Left Party demanded an increase in pensions. The Left Party said it would support Magdalena as prime minister if the request was accepted. Magdalena accepted it. Following that, it was confirmed in Parliament on Wednesday morning that she had the support of the majority. So the people are sure to elect Sweden as the first woman Prime Minister of the country.


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