Magnificent stripes of light and shadows show their elegance in Sony BRAVIA XR A95K|Business Week

Magnificent stripes of light and shadows show their elegance in Sony BRAVIA XR A95K|Business Week

The streets of Linsen North Road are full of neon lights, and the actors of “The First Time in Hua Deng” are dressed in Chinese costumes and live in a dazzling world. But the dark side that cannot be illuminated is surging with lustful entanglements and murderous intentions. With the compact story rhythm and the magnificent retro aesthetics, the audience watching in front of the TV was taken into the night of Taipei in the 1980s without realizing it.

The top Taiwanese drama from the end of last year to the beginning of this year is none other than the trilogy of “The Beginning of the Lights”. After the premiere on Netflix, Chinese-speaking audiences on both sides of the strait were discussing “Who killed Mommy Su?” The trend has also spread to Singapore, Viewing charts of countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Greece, etc.

Pursuit of rich light and shadow tones

Director Lian Yiqi mentioned that when the Sony BRAVIA A95K’s smart monitor played “The Beginning of the Light” on Netflix, it found that it was very close to the picture quality seen in the later stage of dimming.

One of the promoters of the success of the work is director Lian Yiqi, who has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has shot a variety of subjects, such as the first feature film depicting life and death and taboo emotions “Fate Makeup Artist”, and also the black comedy mixed with suspense and reasoning “Sweet Murder”. Or the action gangster film “Breaking the Game”. Lian Yiqi is good at mixing different elements into the same work. He said that it stemmed from a large number of Hong Kong films when he was a child, and he was baptized by Taiwanese variety shows such as Zhu Geliang and Liao Junpeng Peng. Influenced by directors such as Ed Gretel, he is able to work in a variety of genres.

In addition to the fascinating storyline, “Hua Deng Chu Shang”, which also contains various elements, is also praised for its visual aesthetics. Lian Yiqi said that he didn’t want to make it into a historical drama, so the art and modeling have brought retro elements, so he deliberately made the texture and color of the picture modern. “This combination will find a new way of viewing.”

Having been engaged in film and television creation for many years, Lian Yiqi is very particular about watching, especially in the dark part of the picture. “Every time I’m at the dimmer, there is always a discussion about whether it can be darkened.” Because the lights are on during filming, and I want to create a dim atmosphere, I have to rely on post-production to lower the brightness. But he is also afraid that the audience’s audio-visual equipment will not be able to keep up. He pointed out that if the TV is not upgraded, the ratio of light and shadow will become poor.

The A95K has built-in Netflix adaptive color correction mode, which improves the quality of the displayed image and enables you to enjoy a movie-like experience at home

When he used Sony’s flagship 65-inch A95K smart monitor to play “The Lights of the Light” on Netflix, he found that the colors were very close to what he would see in post-dimming. Thanks to the built-in BRAVIA CORE correction mode and Netflix adaptive color correction mode on the A95K, viewers can enjoy the experience of streaming video and audio closest to the world in the eyes of creators. In particular, “Hua Deng Chu Shang” directly provides uncompressed files on the streaming platform. The higher the specification of the display, the more seamless it can be.

The evolution of digital technology allows you to enjoy sound and light effects beyond the cinema at home

Lian Yiqi, who has been in movies and TV dramas for a long time, admits that in recent years, the number of visits to cinemas has decreased, and he has been enjoying works at home more often. He does not shy away from saying that going to the cinema has a sense of space and ritual, but simply returning to the technical side, the home theater has even surpassed it.

“Most cinemas advertise 2K projection and ultra-high lumens, but now TVs are all 4K.” He was most impressed by the year he filmed “Infatuated Man”. When he went to watch it in a certain theater, he found that the cleanliness and sharpness of the picture were greatly reduced. , and the difference between the finished product is too large, which will affect the effect that the creator is trying to create. “On the contrary, the advancement of technology has made the quality of home audio and video equipment better and better.”

Taking the BRAVIA XR series as an example, the 4K image quality is already the basic disk. In order to pursue a more detailed visual enjoyment, the A95K adopts the new QD-OLED, with XR OLED contrast enhancement, which provides 200% higher color brightness than traditional OLED displays, and can present lifelike displays. scene.

At present, Taiwan’s film and television shooting specifications, 2K image quality and 5.1 channels are the basic disks, and a better production team will go to 4K and 7.1 channels. According to Lian Yiqi’s observation, there are less than 20 theaters in Taiwan called Dolby Atmos. The theater operation is actually more and more difficult, because the home theater can easily create surround sound.

With good surround sound, you can feel the secret of the soundtrack of “Hua Deng Chu Shang”. Lian Yiqi specifically revealed that after the broadcast, most of the discussions in the market revolved around guessing the murderer, or the makeup and hair styling of the hotel lady. In fact, the soundtrack also plays an important role, subtly becoming the perfect glue in the strong cast and aesthetics of light and shadow.

Just like the A95K uses unique actuators to turn the screen into a multi-channel speaker. It also supports Dolby Atmos, and through XR Surround technology, you can experience 3D audio effects without ceiling or upward speakers.

Japanese ingenuity, allowing the audience to experience the purest audio-visual experience

As a Sony lover, even Yiqi’s home has been captured by Sony, from TVs, game consoles to headphones. He observed Japanese monitors and was particularly concerned about the pursuit of picture quality, especially the black level. “People who shoot films are very concerned about black, and I prefer Sony to color the dark part.” In fact, high-end monitors commonly used in dimming rooms can also be seen from Sony. Lian Yiqi especially appreciates Sony’s focus on the pursuit of audio and video quality, prioritizing other functions.

“If the sound and light effects can be fully presented, there will be fewer unsightly works.” When a lot of information is obscured by equipment, the only thing left is to watch the plot. Lian Yiqi mentioned that when he came into contact with the DVD of the Japanese version of “Love in the Wind and Dust”, he was surprised by the unprecedented light and shadow changes, and was shocked to see that a lot of details were lost on VHS in the past.

In fact, creators expect the audience to have good display equipment, but in the past, only professional dimming rooms would buy expensive OLED screens for color correction. Only recently launched in the market, OLED high-end displays designed for home use, such as the A95K, are comparable to professional specifications, and you can experience the original aesthetic creativity at home. Cultivating appreciation starts from professional monitors, immersing yourself in the top sensory experience every day, and you will naturally have outstanding taste in your eyes and ears!

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