Mahmoud Abbas accuses Israel of committing ’50 Holocausts’

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on August 16 in Germany. JENS SCHLUETER/AFP

During a press conference in Germany, the Palestinian president compared the massacres in Palestine to the genocide of World War II.

Mahmoud Abbas does it again. The Palestinian president unleashed a barrage of criticism for accusing Israel of havingcommitted 50 massacres, 50 Holocaustsagainst his people. Aggravating circumstance: he engaged in this diatribe in Germany, during a press conference with Olaf Scholz. The Chancellor then said “disgusted” by the words of the Palestinian leader.

In Israel, the outcry was general. “It’s a moral disgrace, a monstrous lie, history will not forgive him,” proclaimed Yair Lapid, the prime minister. The outrage was such that Mahmoud Abbas tried to limit the damage. According to the Palestinian agency Wafa, he admitted that the Holocaust “is the most heinous crime in modern human history” while emphasizing that it was not his intention to deny his existence.

For the Palestinian president, it was not a first back-pedalling on this ultra-sensitive subject. In 2018, he had already caused an uproar by explaining…

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