Main accused in Malappuram gang-rape of housewife arrested

Main accused in Malappuram gang-rape of housewife arrested

Malappuram: The absconding main accused in the case of gang-raping a housewife after giving her lethal drugs has been arrested. Rishad Moithin (28), a native of Mancheri Mullampara, Parakkadan, was arrested from Pasiangadi, Kannur. Mancheri police took him into custody. The other accused in the case, Muhsin (28) of Thekkumpuram house, Ashik (25) of Manakoda, and Asif (23) of Elayat house, who are natives of Mullampara, were arrested last month.

Muhsin, the first accused in the case, became close to the woman through social media. Then he bought her phone number and strengthened his relationship with the young woman. In this way he would reach the woman’s house and force her to use drugs continuously. With this, the young woman became addicted to drugs.

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After that, Muhsin came home with his friends and gang-raped the woman. The police had earlier arrested Muhsin, Manakodan Ashiq and Asif in this case. When he tried to catch Rishad, he broke the roof of the house and escaped.

Later, the police received a confidential information that Rishad, who had gone into hiding in other states and different places, had reached Pashiangadi in Kannur district the other day. Mancheri police reached the spot and surrounded the house where Rishad was hiding and arrested the accused.

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First published: February 07, 2023, 20:13 IST


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