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Ecoliberal Citrus Days! At the “Deutsche Hof”, the waiters advise which cook to put at the stove and what is on the menu. Sandra Maischberger take a look at recipes and ingredients.

The guests

► Carsten Linnemann (44, CDU). The parliamentary group vice-president is one of the faces of the CDU Next Generation.

► Claudia Roth (66, Greens). The Bundestag Vice President missed the direct mandate in Augsburg.

► Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (63, FDP). The liberals from the party executive easily countered the SPD general at “Markus Lanz”.

► Ralf Stegner (61, SPD). The ex-country head screwed up a traffic light in Kiel in 2017, instead Habeck and Kubicki made Jamaica with the CDU.

► Dagmar Rosenfeld (47). The editor-in-chief (WELT) judges: “The Union’s claims to power are either arrogant or desperate.”

► Tina Hassel (57). The studio manager (ARD) put herself in the shame corner after a question about Annalena Baerbock’s children.

► Hajo Schumacher (57). The columnist (“Berliner Morgenpost”) called Laschet an “all-round glue” in the summer. Wouldn’t be bad now!

Only two guests under 50, but the spirit of optimism doesn’t just have to do with birth certificates. Good behavior, by the way, isn’t either. The Zoff-o-Meter is focused …

The crucial question of the evening

Ladies First! The Free Democrat and the Greens show each other their teeth in a friendly way. “The Greens very much want to change something through regulations, bans, requirements,” says Strack-Zimmermann on climate protection, “while we rely on the desire for change, on as an opportunity”.

In the past Roth would have intervened indignantly, now she only weighs her head. The vice-president is also sending new signals visually: Instead of garish shocking clothes, she comes in pensioner pastel.

Most definite contradiction

“We want to increase taxes,” Roth makes clear, “in the upper range, because not least those who have become richer again in the Covid pandemic should also contribute to the public welfare expenses!”

“We don’t want any tax increases,” countered Strack-Zimmermann, because: “To say to those who are now giving rubber to get the economy going again: Now you are paying even more taxes, we think that’s a really, really big one Failure!”

Photo: The first

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Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (63, FDP)Photo: The first

Most interesting match

Maischberger is all too lukewarm, and she spices up the interview with yes-no questions. Tempo 130? “160”, suggests the Liberal briskly. Minimum wage 12 euros? For Strack-Zimmermann, the topic is worn out: “You should also ask questions like ‘release cannabis’,” she advises instead.

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The talk host thinks so too. “Release cannabis?” She actually asks. “Yes!” Laugh the two sedate women and celebrate with their corona fist. Alleluia.

Smartest answer

The talk host wants to know next.

“Are you interested in any sock?” Asks the Liberal.

“Yes!” Says the green one. “The CSU was very interested in it!”

But Strack-Zimmermann clears the topic coolly: “I think that we women are more than a star.”

Bundestagsvizepräsidentin Claudia Roth (66, Grüne)Photo: The first

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Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth (66, Greens)Photo: The first

Clearest criticism

About the explorations, the FDP board member says: “When I see today how the social democracy has appeared and how the CDU is not appearing at the moment, I am seriously worried.”

Because, according to Strack-Zimmermann. “When I see that Mr. Söder is already driving Mr. Laschet in front of him, then I find it remarkable.”

Most interesting perspective

Your firm judgment: “I learned to appreciate Mr. Laschet in North Rhine-Westphalia because he is a very reliable politician. I saw Mr. Söder once. This is not the dream of my sleepless nights now. “

“Do we have a new government before Christmas?” Asks Maischberger. “We should ask the Chancellor whether she wants to catch up with Helmut Kohl’s time,” replied the Liberal. “If she’s still Chancellor until December 17th, she’s cracked it!”

Most surprising bashing

“The picture that the CDU gave yesterday is so repulsive!” The ARD journalist complains about the election of the Union parliamentary group leader.

But, continues Hassel: “In order not to let Mr. Scholz look too rosy: He can get pissed himself off. He’s not exactly a man catcher. When he’s at the table, it doesn’t necessarily get warm. He is not known for involving others and making others shine.

The happiest interlude

The Greens gave the Union a crocodile rustle: “The last election is lost, the next one can be won again.” Yes, of course …

“There is also a staff backlog at the CDU,” criticizes journalist Schumacher. “A Carsten Linnemann has been – how much? – Acted as a potential parliamentary group leader for years. The poor guy!”

The “poor guy” is already sitting in the interview corner with Ralf Stegner and grins one thing: What you can hear about yourself …

Most unpleasant task

When it is finally Linnemann’s turn, he is immediately asked why Laschet Scholz only congratulated Scholz on the election victory after three days.

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“I found that unfortunate too,” admits the parliamentary deputy. “But the next morning in the federal executive committee there were pretty clear words that we lost the election and that the SPD – Mr. Stegner, congratulations – won the election.”

Most unusual explanation

The talk show host is not satisfied with that: “Congratulating the winner, you sometimes do that in the evening!”

Linnemann shrugs his shoulders. “He’s now done it by letter,” he explains.

Maischberger doesn’t move a face. “And that was the Berliner Post, which took three days,” she suspects.

“It took a long time to get the ballot papers,” smiles the parliamentary deputy piously. Heidewitzka!

Most beautiful coincidence

Stegner has brought the constituency of Pinneberg (near Hamburg). “The party that wins has provided the Chancellor for almost 70 years,” the talk show host is amazed.

“Olaf Scholz really pulled me up,” says Stegner happily. “This is constituency 007, and today the new James Bond is coming to the cinemas, everything fits perfectly!”

Clearest edge

Then there’s no more fun. “I’m not in the mood for opposition,” Linnemann roars. “That was a disaster! The thing goes right into the marrow! We are facing an existential question! We have dozens of examples, in southern Europe, where it went wrong, where the people’s parties have marginalized themselves! “

“That’s why we don’t need ego trips now, but rather a cool head that the party has a future!” Added the group vice-president.

SPD-Mann Ralf Stegner will jetzt öfter lachenPhoto: The first

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SPD man Ralf Stegner now wants to laugh more oftenPhoto: The first

Most informative sidelong glance

“For this we need an election analysis,” Linnemann states next. “That is why I am really grateful to Mr Laschet for saying that we will not postpone this until the government is in place, but will start now.”

“You have the government mandate,” he then says to his colleague. “Look, now Stegner is laughing. I rarely see that Stegner laughs on TV! “

“That’s not true,” the SPD man contradicts happily, “that comes more often now!”

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Mutigstes Eigenlob

The CDU man switched to attack mode: “It’s now about tough content,” he announced. “We have to move forward, and that is why unity is important now!”

“Söder has been beating the Laschet from the first to the last day,” states Stegner. “We, on the other hand, campaigned with a party where we didn’t hear any discord. You should take a look at our group! They come from all generations … “

Rejoice! The camera pans to the journalists. Rosenfeld, giggling, holds his hand in front of his face, Schumacher fiddles an imaginary fiddle of praise with a sneer.

Kolumnist Hajo SchumacherPhoto: The first

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Columnist Hajo Schumacher Photo: The first

Most important requirement

“Profile”, Linnemann replies to Maischberger’s question about what is most necessary now. “We have to say clearly again what we stand for. We must have heads! We need to rejuvenate! Position ourselves broader! Not for ‘business as usual’, but for the future! “

His relentless analysis: “We have lost regular voters. The Merkel voters are also gone now. The problem is much, much deeper than just now in this election campaign. “

Most hopeful perseverance slogan

“We still have a chance in Jamaica,” explains the group vice-president. “Our election program is partly congruent with the FDP.”

Honest self-criticism: “In this election campaign we also avoided topics such as migration, for fear that this might be grist to the mill of protest parties.”

Strongest closing argument

“We have to involve the members more,” the parliamentary group vice-president demands at the final. “We have to become a member and program party again. We should carry out a membership decision when the next party leader is elected. “

And Laschet? “The chance in Jamaica is still there,” Linnemann hopes. “We have a majority with the Greens and the FDP, and it is not just decency that dictates that we go into these talks with our top candidate.”

Maischberger’s last question: “Do we have a new government at Christmas?” Yes, Stegner believes. Linnemann, however, in a nutshell: “No!”

Quote of the evening

“I feel like I am in a circle of chairs!”

Sandra Maischberger on the mild tones between Claudia Roth and Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann.


A pair of women and men in perfect political ping-pong, clear roles, angular speeches, bold predictions, plus powerful kicks and painful self-flagellation: That was a talk in the category “Faith, blows, hope”.


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