Majority does not believe that AI can fully replace them at work | free press

Majority does not believe that AI can fully replace them at work |  free press

2023-06-08 06:35:49

How will AI affect our work in the future? A survey shows that many Germans believe that they cannot be completely replaced. But: Almost a quarter sees it differently.

According to a survey by the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY), more than two thirds (67 percent) of Germans believe that artificial intelligence will never be able to completely replace them in their jobs.

However, almost one in four respondents agreed that they were worried that machines or technology would replace them. 43 percent of those surveyed believed that AI would make their job easier. For the study, 1000 people in Germany were interviewed in April on behalf of EY.

The wealth of possible applications for artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the world of work, said EY technology expert Olaf Riedel according to the announcement. There are numerous opportunities for companies, employees and customers.

“But it is also clear that work profiles will change: new jobs will be created, others will become superfluous,” said Riedel. It is therefore important to take people’s concerns seriously and to take measures for the further training and qualification of employees at an early stage. (dpa)

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