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PESCARA. The former president of Coop “La Rondine” returns to freedom, without any prescription, Domenico Mattucci and the former coordinator Luigia Dolce: the two ended up in prison on 7 April together with the ASL manager, Sabatino Trotta (who committed suicide the same day in the Vasto prison), and then at different times under house arrest until yesterday.
They had been arrested as part of the investigation conducted by the prosecutors Anna Benigni e Luca Sciarretta investigating the 11 million euro pilot tender that Coop was awarded thanks to the favors of Trotta. It was the magistrates themselves who gave their favorable opinion to the petitions presented by the defenders of the two suspects. And the investigating judge Nicola Colantonio, who had signed the precautionary measure, formalized his release with the same reasons. And that is that in this “period of time the two were able to reflect on the negative value of their actions”, but above all because they made extensive confessions, “a circumstance that, considering the completion of the investigation activities”, writes the investigating judge, determines the elimination of the danger of probative pollution by the suspects ». And then the judge also cites the fact that “the contract illegally signed as a result of the illegal activities of the defendants was canceled by the ASL”.
In short, everything the two could say about that contract and how Trotta would have acted to favor the Coop is now an integral part of the file in the hands of the two magistrates. But before packing everything up and closing this investigation on the rigged contract (the alleged crimes are those of corruption, incitement to corruption and disturbed freedom of the procedure for choosing the contractor), the prosecutor must examine the positions of the co-suspects who are the two members the tender commission, Antonio D’Incecco e Anna Rita Simoni, in addition to the current director general of the ASL, Vincenzo Ciamponi, under investigation for corruption.
And precisely in relation to the position of the latter, yesterday the two prosecutors heard, as a witness, the dealer who sold to Ciamponi (signatory of the award of the tender) the Fiat 500 which, according to the prosecution, would be the object of the corruption: because it would have been paid by Mattucci first through Dolce, and then through Trotta.
But yesterday Enrico Sborgia, owner of “Auto Europa” of Villa Raspa di Spoltore, seems to have been convincing in its reconstruction. The sale of the car would have been regular and with a market price of 2,400 euros that Ciamponi paid with a check, even if the prosecutor had raised more than one perplexity about that purchase, circumstances linked to the fact that both Mattucci and Dolce, they reported in questioning that Trotta asked and obtained from the president of the Coop the sum of 8,000 euros which he said was to be used precisely to buy that used car. They had also provided precise dates referring to the delivery of the money to Trotta and the passage that the two made from the dealer. However, the prosecutor lacks a fundamental piece, which disappeared with the death of Trotta: that is, the alleged transfer of the sum from the hands of Trotta to those of Ciamponi, should the reconstruction be correct. Trotta, a few days before buying the car, went to the dealer to look for the car for Ciamponi and would return a few days later together with Ciamponi himself to conclude the deal. The investigators on this are precise because Trotta was under close surveillance by the investigators and was followed when he was in the car with Ciamponi. So now all that remains is to question the general manager to close the circle: an interrogation that should be held shortly and where the magistrates will put on the table all the papers they have and which have not yet come out.
Ciamponi, for his part, has always denied any involvement in this affair, but in front of the magistrates there are some points to be clarified. For example, because he decided to sign the award of the tender “despite the fact that on November 3, 2020, pending the definition of the tender procedure, the chairman of the board of directors of the Coop Social Consortium SGS, Maria Luigia Di Blasio and the vice president of the consortium La Rondine, Arnaldina Di Ilio, had been drawn from an indictment order for the offense of disturbed freedom of the enchantments, a circumstance which, constituting a serious professional offense and having not been communicated to the ASL of Pescara, could have led the contracting body to exclude the Consorzio Sgs to award the tender to the second classified club ».
But before moving on to Ciamponi’s interrogation, the prosecutor awaits the expert results on the contents of the two cell phones seized from the general manager. Dolce would have declared that Ciamponi and Trotta would have exchanged messages in relation to that car to buy.


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