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Have you been eating more organic foods in recent years? Are you turned off by the price of food? What motivates you to eat organic? Many readers have responded to the call for Press. We have retained various testimonies. Overview.

“Excellent for my health and my wallet”

“Since I fought cancer almost 20 years ago, all products that come into my home are organic with a few rare exceptions. As a joke, I often say that even my ketchup is. I eat organic fruits and vegetables [en réclame], which almost amounts to the price of the products [conventionnels], I grow my vegetable garden and eat less meat, which is great for my health and my wallet. ”

Sylvie Cloutier

“Our health is priceless! ”

“We have been eating it for several years and we are growing it in our mini-garden. We prefer local products in summer, public markets and visits to surrounding organic farms, then Lufa Farms in winter. We avoid imported non-organic fruit, which we believe is grown with many dangerous products. They are a little more expensive, but our health is priceless! ”

Diane R.

Better taste

“We eat organic foods every day for our health and for their better taste. Our weekly purchases are made at Tau and Avril, but also at Costco, IGA, Super C, Metro, PA. We have chosen to prioritize organic food in our budget. Thank you to our producers, processors and distributors. Health ! ”

Claire Aubin

A question of cost

“For the same product when it is available, organic is always our first choice. We agree to pay a higher price as long as the difference is reasonable. When we feel the price is too high, we choose the non-organic product. ”

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Robert Rosenberg

Healthy lifestyle first

“I don’t buy organic vegetables because they are too expensive and don’t mean that I will live longer by eating these vegetables. Instead, I try to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, which means six days a week. ”

Paul Lachance

“Beautiful and good choice”

“I started to buy regularly [des aliments bios] since the markets give them more importance. Before, grocery stores gave an unloved mini section. Now there is a beautiful and good choice. The price is also more attractive, almost the same price as other non-organic foods. ”

Marie-Claude Hébert

A regular for 30 years

“I have been consuming as many organic products as possible for almost 30 years. Today, I buy my food directly from farms (vegetables, chicken, lamb, beef) almost all certified organic AND local. ”

Lucie Bilodeau

Achat local

“We made a vegan turn three years ago, and it is since that time that our consumption of organic products has increased a lot. We prefer to pay a little more to consume organic frozen blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean instead of those from Peru, for example. Buying local is important. ”

Suzanne Litwin

Encourage agriculture in our region

“We took advantage of the pandemic and of being teleworked to subscribe to organic baskets from the Jardins de la Pinède in Oka. We are delighted by the diversity of the products, by their freshness. What we like most, in fact, is to consume local products and encourage agriculture in our region. Our family farmer, we love him and we support him! ”

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Isabelle Gervais

“The organic counter first”

“I got into the habit of going to the organic counter first. If I can’t find what I’m looking for, I go for the conventional. Whether organic or conventional, I opt first for products from Quebec, then from Canada and, as a last resort, elsewhere. ”

Marc Taillon

The effect of the pandemic

“The pandemic prompted us to encourage local farmers. It was important for us to support our farms nearby. Here at Tremblant, there are several organic farms, so we have more organic food on our table and we are aware that it is better for our health. We are all winners. “

Sylvie T.

Respect for the portfolio

“We have been consuming more organic foods since the pandemic mainly for their taste, their quality, but also, very importantly, to eat local. We encourage our local producers, and although the price is higher, fortunately, we are able to afford it. However, I understand people on a limited budget to make cheaper choices… ”

Louise Savoie

Financial availability

“Since the pandemic, I have been eating more organic products. The cultural activities being stopped, I had greater financial availability for food. ”

Regine Valois

The posts have been edited for brevity.

Comments compiled by Alice Girard-Bossé, Press

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