MAKHACHEV VS VOLKANOVSKI | UFC 284: Makhachev wins on the cards and Volkanovski becomes the hero of the people

MAKHACHEV VS VOLKANOVSKI |  UFC 284: Makhachev wins on the cards and Volkanovski becomes the hero of the people

Bittersweet evening of the UFC. Makhachev achieved victory against a Volkanovski who seems made of stone at the event numbered 284 of the North American company of mixed martial arts. Fight night, if you can call it that, took place in Perth, Australia. To conform to American time, the day took place at a somewhat peculiar time, since the first fight took place at 7:00 local time.

In the co-main event, Yair, “el pantera” Rodríguez struck down Josh Emmett in the second round with a triangle submission after landing several power shots to the American’s head.

The main event was overshadowed by the great performance of the local fighter, Alexander Volkanovski, who, although he did not manage to win both belts, established himself as a respectable fighter, managing to finish the fight and putting the judges in serious trouble.

Crute vs Meinfield

The UFC 284 main card began with a tough battle at light heavyweight (205lbs) between Jimmy Crute (Australia) and Alonso Menfield (USA). The American started with enthusiasm, connecting a couple of hands with success, although the Aussie soon took the fight to his ground, to the floor. After several minutes of control over Menifield, both wrestlers surprised the audience by standing up and starring in a couple of good exchanges. The horn that signaled the end of the first round saved the Australian, clearly knocked out. After a minute of recovery, Crute tried to compose himself but without much effectiveness, since, as soon as the second round began, he was knocked out again. However, the Aussie held out for an entire round, clearly dizzy. At the end of the second set, the Australian came close to earning a submission, but failed to get the armbar right. A complete madness of a fight, the kind that looks like an altercation in a nightclub, went up to the third and final round. Crute controlled the American for all of the minutes, although Menifield knew how to defend himself correctly, which caused the feat to reach the cards. Tie between both warriors. A fight worthy of being the fight of the night.

Pulver, Hall of Famer

Before starting the second fight of the night, Jens Pulver, the first UFC lightweight champion, was named as a new fighter in the hall of fame of the North American mixed martial arts company. After a long career full of successes inside the Octagon, the American fighter has seen rewarded for all the effort wasted and all the blood spilled in battles already written in history.

Porter vs Tafa

Heavyweights turn. The American Parker Porter faced the Samoan Justin Tafa. He didn’t even have time to blink. After just a few seconds, Tafa landed a good hand that had Porter dead before almost breaking a sweat.

Brown vs. Della Maddalena

We lost a few kilos. Jamaican Randy Brown faced local Jack Della Maddalena at Welterweight. The great promise of this category, the Australian, achieved a quick victory. One blow was enough to knock out the Jamaican just a few seconds after the start of the fight.

Rodriguez vs Emmett

After two very short but entertaining fights, the co main event began between the American Josh Emmett and the Mexican Yair “El Pantera” Rodríguez in the featherweight category governed by the protagonist of the night, Alexander Volkanovski. Both warriors faced off over five rounds to be able to decorate their waists with the interim champion belt. Two totally different styles began to exchange. Emmett, a hard-hitting boxer, had to make do with the panther’s chaotic, surprising and unorthodox style. Rodríguez started the fight with great precision, landing several well-aimed kicks that worried the American. However, Emmett knew how to turn the situation around and finished the round on top of the Mexican, landing a couple of elbows with great intention. The second round was pure spectacle. Rodríguez began by disobeying the orders of his corner that advised him not to exchange, landing several blows that almost knocked out the American. However, it wasn’t enough to unbalance Emmett. But the panther did not give up. After several exchanges, both fighters went to the ground, and there, Rodríguez, with a perfect triangle of legs, was able to get the American to wave the white flag. This makes the Mexican the new interim champion of the 145-pound division, so he will have a chance to face Volkanovski for the undisputed title.

Makhachev vs Volkanovski

And the time came. The UFC celebrated its 30th birthday yesterday and it is the first time in the history of the company that the number one against the number two of the pound for pound faced off. Australian Alexander Volkanovski (featherweight champion and pound-for-pound number one) faced Dagestani Islam Makhachev (lightweight champion and number two).

Face to face two totally different styles. Makhachev is a perfect master of sambo, although he defines himself as the most complete fighter in mixed martial arts. Khabib Nurmagomedov’s pupil has an impeccable fighting style, his punches not being his forte, despite having perfect hitting accuracy. They are for Volkanovski, an athlete twelve centimeters shorter than his rival but capable of knocking out men much heavier than him.

The dispute was resolved in the lightweight, that of the Dagestani, who put his title on the line to be the first in the company’s pound-for-pound ranking. A fight that started with a lot of respect. They did not even brush during the first minute of combat in which both artists measured their forces. Volkanovski managed to connect a good direct to the chin that seemed to make Islam dizzy, although the Russian managed to compose himself quickly. A couple of bars later, Makhachev arrived with two blows that stunned the Australian who ended up turning his back on the Dagestani. Makhachev pounced with a big mackerel on top of his rival, but the Aussie is made of a different material. Volkanovski managed to finish the round with his neck completely strangled by his rival’s arms while he laughed and made victory gestures.

The second round was similar. Volkanovski connected and Makhachev responded with a wrestle. However, this time the Australian quickly escaped the Russian’s attacks and managed to get the points of the round. The third was more restrained. Study round, although Makhachev tried to impose his fight again, but Volkanovski came with his homework done. The Australian put up a good defense and, with some good shots landed at the end of the third round, managed to prevail on the cards as well.

The Australian started the fourth round ahead in the votes. After just a few seconds, the Dagestani threw himself at Volkanovski’s legs, managing to bring the fight to the ground. Four minutes of control by the Russian gave him the assault, and he managed to equalize the contest.

The fight reached the fifth and final round, with Alexander Volkanovski at a disadvantage, but with an attitude of a warrior rarely seen. The Australian tried to find the finish and managed to connect a right hand that knocked Makhachev down, although without a favorable result. However, after the final whistle, his team began to celebrate the victory, either in the cards or morale.

Finally, the Australian stayed in the winner of the town. Makhachev took the unanimous decision win and moved up the pound-for-pound rankings.


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