malavika-menon-exclusive-photoshoot | Malavika Menon in a sari; Photoshoot pictures

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Malavika Menon writes a new song of beauty in peach and white. Nitya and Pramod, a couple, have taken pictures of the star in the new Getup. The simple saree uses minimal jewelry and nude makeup. Pramod, who took the photo, says that Malavika has a face that can change her look in any way and its beauty and variety are evident in the pictures.

‘Nithya and Pramod approached me through social media. They said they could try a getup in a new way. Nitya is a beautician, stylist and her husband is a photographer. They were very comfortable working with both of them. Very simple costumes were used. White and peach are colors I have not used much and I was skeptical that it would suit me. Darker colors are more commonly worn.

But Nithya and Pramod said that these colors would suit me well. She tried out some of the sketches and took photos. I loved it all. Nitya also chose a very simple costume. The colors were nude but when I took the photo I felt it matched well. I think I was finally able to join a team like I wanted to, ”says Malavika. This is Malavika’s first celebrity shoot with Nithya Pramod.

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