Malavika Menon Oops Moment Malayalam Actress Wardrobe Malfunction During Film Promotion Program | Oops Moment : Mistake about actress Malvika Menon during the promotion of the movie!!! The picture went viral on social media

Malvika Menon is an active star in Malayalam cinema even though she is playing small roles. Apart from cinema, Malvika can be described as a superstar in social media and other photoshoots. But recently, the mistake that happened to the actress during the promotion of a film is now being discussed on social media. The actress is reporting this mistake to the paparazzi media and other YouTube channels.

The actress made a mistake during the promotion event of Kunchako Boban film Nna Than Kes Kod in Thiruvananthapuram. The actress, who came in a floor-length mini gown and a short dress, does not look comfortable in her role. It was quickly noticed on social media. Many times the actress tries to straighten her clothes, but it is clear from the actress’s face that she is not getting it right. Many people also posted comments describing the actress’s attire as bad.

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Also, the actress took the stage and performed the viral Virayal dance with Chakochan. Malivaka, Kunchacko Boban and Tamil actress Gayatri, the heroine of the movie Nna Than Kes Kod, danced on the stage. Watch the video:

Recently, Malavika played impressive roles in the films Pappan and Katuva. Malavika played the lead role in Mohanlal’s film Aarat too.

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