Male Family Planning | Gold father title for men who use contraception

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The Karur district administration has announced that men who do family planning will be given the title of Gold Father, as well as a housing bond or a major government assistance scheme.

In Karur, a model project in Tamil Nadu, a ceremony was held today to encourage and honor men who are coming forward to do family planning. District Collector T. Prabhushankar presided over the function which was held at the Government Medical College. Then he spoke-

Those who attend a special family health contraceptive treatment special camp for men will be honored with the Golden Father Award and an incentive of Rs. 5,000. If this amount is not available, free housing bond, old age allowance for an elderly person at home, free dairy cow, goat, free cattle shed through Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, small and medium enterprises up to Rs. 10 lakhs without interest free banker. Small and micro farmers can avail of micro-irrigation at 100 per cent subsidy through loan assistance and the Department of Agriculture.

Apart from these, the horticulture department provides subsidy of up to Rs. 40,000 per hectare for coconut and multi-layered cropping scheme. Priority will be given to the construction of polythene huts through the Green Shelter Scheme, financial assistance for setting up of shade net tents up to a maximum of 4 square meters with a 50 per cent subsidy of Rs. 355 per square meter, free provision of prosthetic hand and foot equipment to the disabled. ” ‘
Thus he spoke.

According to a statement issued by the government, special features of male contraceptives are:

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1. Can be done in a minute or two.

2. Do not give anesthesia.

3. No need to stay in the hospital.

4. Go home as soon as the treatment is over

5.Done without knife, without blood damage.

6. Made without stitching, without staining.

7. Decreased masculinity does not occur.

8. There will be no after effects.

9. Happiness in home life is the same as before.

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