Mali, coup in Bamako. The premier and the president arrested

Coup d’etat a Bamako. The military took away by force Moctar Ouane e Bah Ndaw: they are on a military base. “They are here for matters that concern them,” said a senior military official, in the same place where the president-elect was forcibly taken last August. Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta to announce his resignation from the coup colonels.

A government official who remained anonymous confirmed that the president Bah Ndaw and the premier Moctar Ouane were brought to Kati, the heart of the Malian military apparatus. The same colonels of last August would be involved, but the intentions remain unknown. Shortly before being taken by the military, Prime Minister Ouane had told AFP that the men of Colonel Assimi Goita, current vice president, had come to take him to the home of President Ban Ndaw.

The first to report the arrest was one of the leaders of the mutiny: “We can tell you that the president and the prime minister are under our control. We arrested them at the president’s house.” Then yesterday evening, May 24, it was the government spokesman himself who confirmed the coup.


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